What Should I Do About Co Sleeping Habit

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Leahp - March 23

Hi ladies, this question is for those who enjoy cosleeping, Im sure I'll get some negative comments from those who are against it. But my baby girl is six months now and we put her in her crib in the beginning of the night, but that transition is from the swing, but it only takes about an hour for her to wake up and cry so I put her in bed with hubby and I and after I nurse her I'll put her back in the crib I'll put her back in the crib, I tried this other night and she still woke up in no time!!! I admit most nights after she cries the first time I keep her in bed with me since she is still nursing and I have to get up at 4:30am for work, it's just easier! But my question is should I wait till she's done nursing to break this habit or if I enjoy it (at times I have no room) keep it up, and how would I break her of this habit, let's say by the time she is one.


HANNAHs Mom - March 23

I worked full-time with my first dd and also had to get up around 4:30am to commute to work. I chose to co-sleep for several reasons...one being it was a heck of alot easeir and more convenient for nursing. Also, I spent around 50-60 hours at the office each week and I wanted all the bonding and together time I could get! Just weight the pros and cons...whatever works for you and makes everyone happy I say :)


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 23

I am a working mother myself and our first daughter sleeps with my husband and I. Now she is 21 months and still sleeps with us. She absolutely refuses to sleep in her bed. She is like your daughter, would wake up shortly after we put her in the crib. Now we have a 2 1/2 month old daughter and she is in the crib. I learned my mistake the first time. Now there is nothing wrong with co-sleeping. Its just going to be hard to break the habbit. I have to do it myself. ~sigh~


KrisD - March 23

Hi there - we have been having some problems with our 6.5 month old... The only way we could get him to sleep at night was in our bed. He would fall asleep in his crib just fine, but wake up and wouldn't go back to sleep unless he was back in bed with us. Our fault, we had him in the room with us till he was almost six months and would pull him in bed if needed. It got to the point where we both decided we would make a huge effort to keep him in his crib. The first few nights we cheated, putting him back in bed with us. The past few nights we have really tried. In fact, my husband got up 8 times with the baby last night, just to rub his head and stick the pacifier back in. It is certainly an effort, but we are trying... As a last resort, we will use the CIO method, but we are a ways away from that just yet. I figured, we got him in the habit, I need to be a little understanding while he adjusts. He's now napping in his crib like a champ... We're making progress!


Heidi - March 23

I'm having the same problem with my 5 month old right now. She will normally fall asleep in her crib to the mobile or I'll nurse her to sleep and then put her in her crib and then she'd wake around one to nurse and I'd put her back and then again around 5ish to nurse and then I'd leave her in bed and I'd get ready for work. Now when I try putting her in her crib she cries and wants to be in bed with me nursing all the time and she's becoming a fidgity sleeper! She kicks and kicks at my stomach all night long and I'm not getting a good night's sleep at all and there's not much room once the DH gets into bed so I can't move away from her either. It's like she's using me as a human pacifier to stay sleeping. Finally this morning I just wanted to sleep so I put her in her crib, which is right next to my bed, and I turned our humidifier on and I think that really helped her sleep. I forgot that we hadn't been using it the last couple weeks and before that she was good about going back to her crib after feeding. I think the white noise keeps her asleep better. I'm going to try it again tonight. I don't think she should be waking to eat at this age still! I love snuggling with her on the weekends but during the week it's hard cus I need my sleep for work etc.


HANNAHs Mom - March 23

Yeah..I forgot how hard it is to transition your baby/toddler into their own bed if you do chose to co-sleep longer. Once your baby hits the age of 1, boy do they have a mind of their own and it is hard to make changes & break habits. I swore I would never-ever-ever co-sleep after my first one slept with us so long but look at me now...7 months and running! I better act quick before I am in big trouble again!!!!! (although I absolutely love it.....)


Jamie - March 23

Is her crib in her room, or in yours? If it's in a separate room, try moving it into your room, and see what happens.


Ginny - March 23

I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! My family was beginning to make me feel like I was. My baby girl is seven weeks, and she would cry every time I put her in the ba__sinet or crib - even though she'll sleep on the couch or in my bed just fine. I've been feeling a lot of pressure to get her into the crib from all the well meaning people who keep asking if she sleeps on her own yet. So last weekend, I was determined, and I kept her up a little longer than usual and talked to her alot and kept her stimulated, then put her down in the crib when she got drowsy, like the books say. She ended up sleeping for 8 hours!! She did that over the weekend, but during the week, I can't stay up for hours and hours waiting for her to get sleepy enough to conk out! My husband finally said, What's the big deal? As long as we're getting sleep, isn't that what's important? And he was right. She's still so little! So now when people ask if she's in her crib yet, I tell them that last weekend she began sleeping through the night in her own crib. And since they a__sume it's still happening, they've stopped asking, and now I don't feel pressured and we can do this in our own time! Ha! Anyway, sorry to ramble. . . It just drives me crazy when other people make you feel bad, when you're just trying to do the best you can.


Leahp - March 24

Yeah, that's what I figure, everyone has said to me that if it works for ya, DO IT! Personally I love having her in bed with us, there's just minimal room, so I'm really considering getting a King size bed for future babies to come. In the middle of the night I'll here her yawn with that adorable little sigh at the end, it makes me melt. But it does get old with people always asking, my MIL said she never let my hubby or his sister sleep with her, and really they aren't a very tight knit family my husband and his sister are VERY independent and personal people, where, ok this is BAD but I slept with my mom off and on until I was 11 and my dad was kind enough to sleep in my bad and we're all so close!!!! My parents are my best friends and my mom really promotes co-sleeping. So there you have it, I wrote this thread and I guess I already knew in the back of my mind what the answer was, sure I'm worried of breaking her of the habit when she's a little older, but it does work great during the work week!!!


kimmysmommy - March 25

i am in the same boat, my dd is only 3 mo and she will nap in her crib, but at nite, it is almost like she knows, and she wants to be in bed with us...she is still nursing too. i agree, it does make it 100 times easier to nurse.....i always try to start her out in her crib, and lately she is getting much better, if i put her in her crib around 10 or so, she will stay there until usually around 2-3 am, and then after that feeding, if she is out cold, i put her back in the crib, and she usually sleeps until 7ish. if she is not out cold, and i put her in the crib, she will cry and whine, and just lately since she has perfected the art of rolling over (one way that is, she can't seem to roll back again yet, i guess she uses allher energy on the first roll) she will keep rolling over and then cry when she cant turn back the other way, until i give in and put her in the bed with us.... after that 7ish feeding, if i am ready to start my day (yeah, right LOL....my dh works the nite shift so i usually wait up for him, until around 4 am.) she will get up, otherwise, if i lay her next to me, she is out cold, until 10-11......so i too am guilty of the "terrible cosleeping." :) don't worry, i had to tell my mother that i don't do it anymore....so now she leaves me alone...my dh just keeps his mouth shut, bc i told him that if he opens it, he can just get up with the baby everytime she cries....i won't even get into what my mil thinks about it...all you have to do is read my monster in law post, and you can kind of get the idea of what she would say....i love to wake up and see her little smiling face first thing in the morning!!! :)



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