What Should Stage 1 Chicken Look Like

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Cassie06 - February 22

haha. I know this question sounds odd but I am really concerned. DS has been on baby food for about 1 1/2 months or so now and so far I have only been doing fruits and veggies. I give him some fresh fruit like apples and bananas in his mesh feeder and he loves it. Up until now I have tasted everything I feed him and it looks and tastes like what it is. This chicken though grossed me out!! It was grayish and appeared to have a greenish tint. It smelled like old potted meat or something! It also was much chunkier than the fruits and veggies. I puked when I opened it. It says it is good until April 2008 and my mom said it was safe, but me and DH just do not like the looks of it. I threw it away. If this is what all baby meats look like I think I will make DS a vegetarian until he can eat table food!!


ashtynsmom - February 22

Yes, baby meat looks and smells nasty. I only gave dd the dinners with meat and veggies mixed. She woudln't eat the plain meats anyway- but after smelling them- I wouldn't either!!


Mellissa - February 22

yeah, the chicken and turkey does look and smell pretty nasty. For Diesel I mix it with applesauce, or apricots...or something else that's sweet. He really seems to like it a lot. Btw, where in the world did you buy your mesh feeder? i can't seem to find one!!


ashtynsmom - February 22

I bought the mesh feeder online from the origninal guy that made them, but they have them at Target and Meijer stores too. My dd hated it.


Shannah - February 22

i think that stuff is so gross, i won't feed it to my child. he is a little over 6 months and i am going to wait until around 8 months and give him homemade pureed chicken and stuff like that.


Mellissa - February 22

thanks ashtynsmom.... i just ordered one online. :) i can't wait to try it out.


LollyM - February 22

I make all my own baby food and haven't started Ava on meat yet... that sounds scary though!


LollyM - February 22

what is a mesh feeder anyway?


CyndiG - February 22

It's nasty. I taste everything before I give it to Carlie, and I could barely stand to touch my tongue to it. I tried to see if she would like it and one bite was all it took! It went into the trash! I have given her apples and ham though. It tasted pretty good, and she liked it. Looks like they could make it a little more appetizing! :O}


Bonnie - February 22

Actually....I think those jars are so misleading. It's considered stage 1 due to the consistency. But it's not stage 1 as in for 4-6 month olds. So it is good you threw it out. Check out wholesomebabyfood.com I can't remember what age meat starts, I think 7-8 or somewhere around there. I made the mistake of giving that stage 1 meat to mason when he was 5 months old and I ended up wearing it after he barfed everywhere lol


ssmith - February 22

I don't know what brand you had....but I buy Beech-nut meats for my dd, and I think they are actually pretty pleasant. They are a lovely pink colour, and they smell decent too. If you haven't tried Beech-nut, I would recommend it. I bought a jar of Heinz beef once....UGH never again. It smelled like cat food. Sick.


Ca__sie06 - February 23

Thanks guys! DS is 6 1/2 months old and I just dont think he needs meat right now anyway. I will wait until he gets up into stage 2 or 3 where it is mixed with something and not quite so disgusting! And Lolly, mesh feeders are these things that have a round plastic handle and a little mesh bag on the end and you can put fresh fruit in it for the baby to chew on so they get real fruit with less of a choking hazzard. Connor loves his! I got it at Target.


Rabbits07 - February 23

Bonnie is right, the term stage one is misleading in meats. Meats shouldn't be started until 8-9 months.



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