What Size Are Your 1 Year Olds Wearing

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Danielle19 - February 16

just wondering what size clothes your 1 year olds are wearing my son is almost 8 months and is wearing mostly 12month clothes already, hes a big boy!!!


ashtynsmom - February 16

My dd is 12 mos ( will be 13 mos in a week) and still wears 9 mos. She is small.... she needs the 12 mos for the length in the pants, but they just fall off of her little waist!! We are really having a time now..... PLUS I bought a TON of summer clothes for her last year at the end of summer, and I bout 18 mos ( her age) but at this rate, she will jsut be in 12 mos come this summer!!! What am I going to do with these clothes?? Poor thing will be naked!! ha


Emily - February 16

Mary is two and a 1/2. she wore 12mos or 18 mos stuff at a year. She wore 12 mos stuff at 9mos. She started wearing 24 mos size at 18 mos. she is still wearing 24 mos or 3t pants and 3T or 4T shirts. Marcy is 8 mos and she still fits into her 6-9 mos stuff.


shelly22 - February 16

My son turned 1 yesterday and he is in 18 months. I just put all his 12 month clothes away they were to small, I have a big boy!!


Danielle19 - February 16

ashtynsmom, im afriad i will have the same problem as you, i was at the store today and saw some really cute summer stuff i just had to buy but i got it in 18 mos. and im just hoping now that it won't be to small


Lisastar9 - February 16

Steven is 11 months on the 20th and he is in 18 months shirts12 months pants and same for sleepers but they are getting snug.


Shea - February 16

My son is 13 mos and is in 12 mos clothes. He was still wearing 9 mos pants (short legs) at 1, but has had a bit of a growth spurt and now can wear 12mos.


Tanaja - February 16

My dd is long so she is inn 12 month clothes and she is 8months. She is not chunky just super long, a lot of the clothes don't fit her in the belly but unless she wears her clothes with her toes peeping out the bottom or as capris I have to have them baggy.


cae - February 16

Ethan is just over a yr old. He is 95% on H/W, so he wears 24months and some 2Ts.


mandee25 - February 16

What a great question! I only have a 12 week old and this will give me an idea what is ahead. Btw, my 12 week old son wears size 6 months and 6/9 months.


hrsmith - February 16

my son is 15 months and wears 18-24mo clothing. He weighs almost 27 lbs. I too have a big boy.


LisaB - February 16

My ds is 15 months and is in some 9-12, 12-18 and 18-24 his sleepers are 18-24 his pants are 9-12 or 12-18 falling off the waist I cant figure out what summers clothes to buy.


hrsmith - February 16

LisaB, I have the opposite problem! My lo's little budda belly pops the b___tons open on his 18mo pants, so i moved up to the 24mo size, but they are too long, so i have to roll the legs up.


jas - February 16

Jadon is 10 months old and is between 12 month and 18 month sizes... Carters runs small so he is in 18 month with them...


Bonnie - February 16

Like Cae's kiddo, Mason wears 24 months and some 2T's. he is 12 months old.


sahmof3 - February 16

Mine is wearing some 2T and some 3T. He's 19 months, but almost the same size as my 3yo dd. He was 34 1/2" and 28 lbs. at his 19 month check-up.


krnj - February 16

My son will be a year on the 28th & he's been wearing 12 month clothes since he was 10 months. Now they bearly fit him so it's time for 18 months!



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