What Size Diaper

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ry - June 21

Hi guys! How old is your lo, what does s/he weigh and what size diaper are they in? My girl is 12 weeks, prob. about 14 lbs and is in 1-2 size but has just about outgrown them already!


Mommy - June 21

Hmmm, Logan is 13 months and wears a size 6. He weighs 26lbs. :o) Zane just turned 2 and he wears a size 6, he weighs 27lbs. I know, Logans a chunk, LOL. ;o)


AmandaManns - June 21

My son is 6 months old and he weighs about 20 lbs and he wears a size 3 in the pampers swaddlers and they seem to be doing just fine for him still. He will probably have to move up a size here in the next month or two.


melissa g. - June 21

my dd just turned 4 months and weighs exactly 14 lbs. she just moved into the size 2 of Pampers Swaddlers.


AmandaManns - June 21

I meant to say he wears a size 3 in the pampers cruisers, they do not even make a size 3 in the swaddlers...sorry.


emilysmommy - June 22

My dd is 4 1/2 months and weighs around 13 pounds and is wearing size 2. She can even still fit in size 1-2...


JAI - June 22

My son is 7.5 months and was last weighed at 6 months was 17.4 then....he is wearing size 3 in Pamper Cruisers.


KLC - June 22

My son is three months and weighs @15 lbs he wears a size three in Luvs. This is the only brand I have found that he doesn't leak in. We just moved him to the size 3 last week as the 2's were getting tight.


Ang - June 22

My 6months old is 23lbs and in size4


Kel - June 22

My dd was 13 pounds last week, is 13 weeks old and can still wear size 1-2 in Pampers. I think this might be our last pack. I have a size two waiting in the closet.


ssmith - June 22

My daughter is 7 weeks now and has already outgrown size 1 diapers!! I am a bit sad to see her growing so fast. She weighed 11 lb 6 oz at her 1 month app't, so I am guessing she weighs about 13 lb by now....


haymay - June 22

my dd is 10 weeks old, weighs 12 lbs and is in size 1-2 in Pampers Swaddlers.


Dana - June 22

My Jada is 5 months, weighs about 15 lbs and is wearing a size 2 in the Pampers Swaddlers.


Mary - June 22

My girl Piper is 3 months exactly, weighs around 13 lbs and is in size 2 of Pamper Swaddlers. The 1's were too small, but the 2's seem a little big. She'll grow in them fast though.


Marlene - June 23

My son will be 4months 6/26 last time at the doc was 12lbs and is in size 2 luvs. The 1s were too tight.


ConnorsMommy - June 23

My son, Connor, is 5 1/2 months. He weighs about 18lbs. and he's in size 3 of pampers cruisers. i just have to say, i LOVE pampers!... i tried pretty much all the "high"-end brand diapers and pampers swaddlers and cruisers are THE best! :)


ssmith - June 23

I agree ConnorsMommy!! I splurged and bought Huggies, thinking that they would be the best because they were the most expensive....WRONG! They leaked all the time. I took them back to the store and got my money back because they were so hateful. Pamper's are definately the best!!



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