What The Flippin Heck Is Going On

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Tanaja - January 18

Ok so Gabriella is 7 months and for the last 2 or 3 days she has developed a horrible little trend at about 11:30am. She will wake up fussing and then it will turn to blood curdling screams. So then after that if I even attempt to put her back down to go to sleep it's the same thing all over again. I swear, I don't know what to do and I don't know how much longer I can do this. I am so tired..........please help. Oh and before you suggest CIO.......I can't she sleeps in her crib in our room as we are STILL remodeling and with a small house there is NO ESCAPING THE CRYING!!!!!


krc - January 18

11:30am??? Did you mean pm? Or she is waking up from nap?


Tanaja - January 18

I must be really tired.......yes 11:30pm not A.M


krc - January 18

what are your methods at putting her back down? Sometimes ethan will wake up around 12 or 1 fussing and I have to hold him in the cradle hold, sometimes with my b___b in his mouth, and rock him for a good 20 minutes. Then when he is good and fast asleep, I can tell because his body isn't tense anymore and he's loose and floppy, then he'll stay asleep, but if I try to put him down while he still feels tense..he always screams before I even take my hands off of him, LOL !


Tanaja - January 18

I do all that but I can't seem to keep her asleep, the second she feels her head on the mattress she is screaming. It is so frustrating and I don't understand why all of a sudden she won't sleep.


Paula S - January 18

Did you consider she may be teething? My son is 6 months and he has some of the same issues and I am fairly certain it is teething. I just purchased some teething tablets last week and they seem to help a great deal!


BreaunasMommy - January 18

I agree with paula that she is probably teething. She is probably crying whn you lay her down because she can feel more pain when laying down due to the pressure.


rl- - January 18

one thing about the teething tablets it does say on the package it will help them sleep if teething has been keeping them up...so that may help. I have also gave my ds some infant tylenol when he has seemed to be hurting from the teething and that has also helped!!


kellens mom - January 18

Could it be an ear infection? If she keeps waking when you lay her down, why not try elevating the mattress a little by placing a firm pillow under it. For some reason, dd seems to sleep better a little elevated. After a week, we try removing the pillow until the next episode (teeth, ears, night mares, etc) Sweet dreams to you both.


Tanaja - January 18

I guess she could be teething, is it different with every time she gets teeth? Because she didn't act like this when her bottom teeth came in. Yes she was up every hour or 2 but when I laid her down she didn't scream like that. I will pick up the teething tablets and hopefully it will help. Thanks ladies I hope this works


Paula S - January 20

When my son got his first two teeth on the bottom it was easier than the tops. I can see the buds on top, but they have not broken through yet and I just keep waiting. I found the teething tablets on drugstore.com. Before that, I had used Tylenol, but it did not seem to work as well for us as the teethng tablets. Good Luck!


melissa g. - January 20

at exactly that time, my dd began the same thing -- every night sometimes at 11, sometimes at 11:30 pm -- I did some reading and I came upon the idea that she was coming out of a sleep cycle at that point, it happened at the same time every night -- I gotta tell you, she did this for awhile and we didnt want to do CIO, but after rocking her sometimes for an HOUR, we did a modified version and luckily for us, she only cried or fussed for 10 minutes. even now at 11 months, she still sometimes wakes at that time, but now, many times she will cry out and then fall back asleep. Months 7-8 were not fun at our house -- bottom teeth, ear infection, 2 colds and she began to crawl and pull up. We didnt sleep for awhile and it was fairly miserable, but things eventually got better. This too shall pa__s! Just keep that in mind -- it wont be terrible FOREVER.



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