What The HECK Breastfeeding And Periods

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HannahBaby - February 12

Please only reply if you have br___tfed, Ok here is my issue. My son is 4 months old and exclusively br___tfed. I got my period about 2 weeks ago, that went away and i got a yeast infection, and now i have my period again!!!! What is going on??


Rabbits07 - February 12

Breast feeding can really wreak havoc on your cycles. You may be really irregular for a while or you may get right back on a regular cycle after this period...you just never know. I was on the opposite end of the spectrum with Mason. I had a period, then skipped a month or so, then another one, then skipped two months...it was really wacky and nerve wracking because I had never done that before with any of my other bf babies....one I started with them I was regular, but I know being out of sync is normal. If you continue getting them every two weeks (and I a__sume that you are counting from the first day of your last period and not the last day you bled) then you could go see a dr. about getting on bc to regulate things some.


k.p.j.e. - February 12

Rabbits the same d__n thing happened to me I can't believe it! I could have written that post myself!! While bf'ing my son, I got my period only 6 weeks after birth. Then they were so irregular, I actually got pregnant again and didn't even realize it until I was already 3 months along! Hannahbaby I hope you are feeling ok after your yeast infection. Sorry your body is so unpredictable, it happens to all of us I think! Take care of yourself and your sweet little baby! :)


Emily - February 12

Hannahbaby, I had really strange cycles while bf both of my girls. With my first, I didn't get my firs period until she was 6 mos old. Then I would have a period for ten days then I started two weeks after that one (and I mean from the start of that one.) It lasted four days, then I wnet two months without one. It was weird. They were so irregular, some where heavy, some were light, some long, some short, some on time, some early, some late. I did some readuing and I belive mine were do to my bc. Since I was b___stfeeding I was on the mini pill. I was unawear that it was so difff from the reg combined hormone pill. Are you taking any kind of hormonal bc? I am back on the mini pill after my second (cause again I am bf and can't take the reg pill.) I hate that one of the side effects is irregularperiods and breakthgough bleeding as they call it. I figure I can wait it out a few more months. My dd will be 8 mos on the 19 of Feb. I am hoping to go at least 11mos like I did with my first but not really wanting to go more than 12. I would call your doc and talk to them. Those are some pretty close periods. If you continue to do that, you could really become anemic or something. Also I am not sure but the yeast infection could also have messed your cycle up. The body is funny that way.


bbelmore - February 12

I haven't had my period yet!!! It's been almost a year and nothing, I take an HPT every month because I hate not knowing whats going on! From what I've heard, though, cycles can be very irregular, sometimes close together, sometimes months apart while b___stfeeding.


Erynn21 - February 12

I am getting mine almost exactly as it was before I was pg, w/ a couple of exceptions I get the worst back pain and my cycle is more like 30 days instead of 29. I know other b___stfeeding moms and it varies greatly on what happens if you're b___stfeeding. One friend no period for almost 2years, myself only 2 months pp, my SIL 7months average w/ her 4 children. There is just no solid answer, it just depends on you and what is going on w/ your body. Most women don't havea period right away like myself, but there are those who do, I got jipped.


jenrodel - February 12

I got my first period about 3.5 months pp, but it was really light almost like spotting, so I wasn't sure if it was my period or not. Then I got it again not even a month later, and it is definitely my period. No cramping or any warning though, which is very weird for me. (I usually get REALLY BAD cramps...) so I'm not sure what is going on... guess we'll see what happens next month.


marimar - February 13

you know i`m b___stfeeding and it been 3 months and not period,if i get pregnant again i will dont know it if is like my first ,because i didn have no morning sickness or any sign ,except the missing period



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