What To Do DD Rolling Over At Start Of Tummytime

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MelG - February 26

My dd who is 8 months old has finally figured out that she has a way to get out of tummytime. She has hated tummytime forever, even if there are umpteen toys and entertainment with her. Now, when I put her down, she immediately grabs a toy that interests her, then rolls over with it. If I put the toys farther away to encourage her to try to get to them, she doesn't even try to reach them and just rolls over. This has been happening for a week. Even if I roll her back over, she rolls over again. How worried should I be?


ssmith - February 26

Worried about what? Her not staying on her tummy?


LisaB - February 26

Not at all she getting ready to go!


Emily - February 26

I wouldn't be worried at all. That is what tummy time is for, to get them to learn to move around. One of these days she will start to crawl to, scoot to, lunge to, or roll to the toys. As long as she is learning to move, how she does it isn't imortant.


aurorabunny - February 26

Mel--my son is almost 8 months and I am having the EXACT same problem. I think what Mel is worried about is probably the same thing that I am worried about...they he's not going to get the practice at learning how to start crawling since he ends up on his back just laying there after about 3 seconds. I don't really know what to do about it either.


Erynn21 - February 26

My dd does the same thing, tummy time is to strengthen the muscles to move, she moves I wouldn't worry. As for the crawling, not all babies crawl, some crawl for a very short time then walk. My sister rolled all around the house and never crawled really. Her way of motility was rolling, all babies are different.


Emily - February 26

My oldest didnt' crawl unitl seh was nine mos and tehn it was only for a coupel fo weeks until she started cruising on the furniture. My younest is now 8.5 mos and she has been crawling for a month. SHe never got much tummy time. Just keep puting them on the floor to play and place different toys all around her and it may intice her to roll to them. (That is how my oldest crawled, she rolled all over the place, almost faster than we could walk) As long as she is prgressing in other areas, she will get it eventually.....



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