What To Do About Biting

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meagan1227 - January 22

my son will be 13 months the 27th and he has been biting when he can't get his way or when i have to take something from him that he's not supposed to have. he bites really hard too, like last night he bit my arm and it left a purple mark. hes a strong little biter lol. what did ya'll do about the biting?


maryl14 - January 22

i bite them back just enough to stock them and it has worked with all my girls in fact i just had to do this like 4 months ago becasue my 23 m/o started bite and it took me biting her 3 -4 times (not all at the same time) to stop her from biting but it worked


Rabbits07 - January 22

Not all of mine have been biters, but I've had a couple that were. With mine I cried (not really) but pretended to...I mean I laid it on thick to the point that they actually got so distraught over it that they started crying. It upset them very much and they didn't do it again. Seems like mine were a little older than 13 months old though....so I'm not sure that you would get the same "empathy" reaction from a 13 month old that you can from a child closer to 2 years. Worth a try though.


aurorabunny - January 22

Rabbits has a good idea there. Makes me laugh because that's what we do with the foster dogs we work with...if they nip or bite we scream like it just hurt soooo bad and it seems to shock them out of doing it any further. Probably would work with little ones as well. Of course I do recall a couple of times where my ex-stepson would bite me HARD and I would do the same thing that Mary suggested. But it led to a bite war once and I figured I wouldn't do it anymore since we were both acting like little kids...LOL.


flower.momma - January 23

I have a biter. She is 2, and barely does it anymore, but it is just how she gets her frustrations out. I really don't think that biting back is a good idea. I want to teach her that biting is bad, and how can I do that if I'm biting her? I do the same thing as Rabbits, then give her a time out. It seems to work.


J.J. - January 23

My son bit me a couple of times last month (at age 13 mos) and I bit him back right away. At that age, reasoning and time out don't work. Also, sometimes when I tell him "no" he gets it, but other times he just laughs. When I bit him, he cried (largely out of astonishment, I think)....the trick is to do it instantanously without hesitation, so the connection is made. Since then, he's rested his teeth on my shoulder once or twice when his mouth is open, but has not bitten down again.



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