What To Do For Prolonged Diarrhea

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sahmof3 - February 6

My dd has had diarrhea for about 2-3 weeks now. She's not getting dehydrated because she will only go 1x/day, but when she does it's diarrhea. I asked about it at her check up 1 1/2 weeks ago. He said give her soy milk, bananas, cheese, pedialyte, NO milk, etc... but none of this is helping! She's doing well otherwise... active, playing, happy, but she just can't seem to kick this virus! Illnesses seem really bad this season, anyone else notice that? Anyway, Justin has had it, too, but his poos have become pasty (sorry TMI) so I think he's getting better. Yuck!


Rabbits07 - February 6

Have you tried an acidophilus supplement? Our pedi always recommended Lactonex. It is a powdered form that you can slip in their drink or food without them knowing. It comes in individual packets and here is kept behind the pharmacy counter but is available WITHOUT a prescription. Our pedi recommends it after gastro illness or antibiotic use. He's had me give it to my little ones as young as 1 year so I'm sure it would be fine for Leah.


apr - February 6

my ds had that for... (breath) 6 weeks!! I was seriously going insane!!! I went to the dr about 4 times about it and he had no idea what it was. Only he was going literally 10 x's a day. One day lo andbehold it stopped!! And at the same time his diaper rash vanished too. My ds was 5 months at the time so I started giving him rice cereal in his formula... nothing helped. A co worker of mine told me she had the same and all of a sudden it stopped. I didnt believe it would ever stop but it did!


sahmof3 - February 6

apr... that's what I am feeling like... is it ever going to end or is she going to have this for the rest of her life?? Rabbits... where do you get it. Do you think WalMart would have it?


Kara H. - February 6

We did the acidopholis, but we also tried Similac Isomil DF which is especially formulated for diarrhea. It has special fibers that binds to the water so it slows down how fast it moves thru the digestive tract and will "thicken" the finished product. It won't stop diarrhea, but it will seriously slow the tide! The only place I have ever seen it is at walgreens. Our pharmacist said that his wife, who b___stfed, even would use it half/half with b___st milk. Because it is RTU it is a little expensive, so I mixed it half/half with his regular formula. It was wonderful. It was like someone had added cornstarch to his stools! I overlaped with with acidopholis (which the pharmacist helped me with too) since the acidopholis will take a couple of days to work. The diarrhea was significantly better next day from the formula, and color/texture/smell were completely back to normal after about 5 days. Our ped had told us that there was nothing we could do but let it run its course which could go on for weeks and weeks - So you better believe I told her that I thought it was mean of her not to recommend these products that were on the market. My poor baby's b___t took almost 2 wks to heal!


sahmof3 - February 6

I wonder if that would work. She's 3 years old. If it has iron it should help, but getting her to drink it may be another story lol.



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