What To Do When You Can T Hold Baby

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emilysmama - April 5

What do you do when your baby won't settle down anywhere but in your lap but you've got things to do and have to put your baby down to do them but he/she complains when you try?


Irmony - April 5

You can use sling, carrier to free your hands up or put baby in swing or bouncer or exersoucer. I also put my son in stroller and go with him to do something like cooking. I am talking to him and doing my job same time. Also when I need go to take a shower I put him in babyjym for 10 min and he loves it.


austinsmom - April 5

I agree with irmony my baby loves the swing and usually if he is fussy like that he is tired as well so if I put him in swing he quiets down and goes to sleep....I also have a baby backpack and will sometimes put him in that while cooking and he loves that too


MJM - April 5

I also use the carrier. Or if i need to clean the kitchen or what ever I put my ds in his bouncy and bring him in the room with me. That usually helps. The carrier that I use is one where the baby sits on your chest.


Bonnie - April 5

And if t he slings, swings, bouncy's, etc etc do not work...you put baby down here and there and give yourself a break. :) It's not going to hurt the baby to cry for 30 minutes while you take a shower or eat some lunch and I've been given that lecture several times by my pediatrician, lol. I have an infant that cries most of the day so I;ve had to kind of learn that. :) I put Mason is his bouncy seat and put him in the room with me while Imake dinner, take a shower, etc. etc.


Jamie - April 6

I agree with the sling suggestion - and I also agree with the 'just put him down' suggestion. When my daughter was about 7 weeks old, I called my mother in tears because I hadn't been able to shower in days, the laundry was piling up, the bedsheets needed to be washed, etc. She told me to put the baby in a playpen in the hallway and do what I needed to do - and it was the best piece of advice I've ever gotten.


MommyG - April 6

When my baby was small I didn't yet have a sling... which would be my suggestion like everyone else! LOL At the time, I used her swing (while she was small enough)


Bonnie - April 6

Jamie, I was doing the same thing, lol. I wasn't eating and couldn't shower. It took me a bit to learn that it's okay if he's crying and I'm not holding him. :D Things are much better now.



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