What To Give A 6 Month Old For Cough And Congestion

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Mrs.Ireland - February 5

My dd sounds horrible, I feel so bad. Is there anything to give her or to do to comfort her?


ginger6363 - February 5

My dd is 5 months and in the same boat. The only thing we can do is use saline nose drops to break up mucus and use the bulb syringe to suction it out. Also, a cool mist humidifier might help. That's what we're doing for my dd. The benefits seem small, but it's all we can do for them.


whynotme - February 5

My 8 month old just had a really bad cold with congestion the works. I let it go for a few days and finally took her to the pediatrician. They gave her a breathing treatment there on the spot to start to break up the congestion and sent us home with a portable nebulizer. We had to give her 3 treatments a day for a week and it really helped. Maybe call her doctor to see what you should do.


margie - February 5

my 2 month old dd is the same also, must be the time of year! the dr's office told us cool humidifier 24 hours a day, saline drops, gentle suctioning, elevate the head of her bed while sleeping and to put her in her infant seat in the bathroom with us while we are taking a shower. i havent tried any of it so far since i just talked to them a couple of hours ago and havent gotten to the store yet but hope this helps!


L1NDZ - February 5

I agree with all the things that margie suggested. That is what we did for our ds and it helped. Other than that there isn't much else except for some TLC!! Hope they feel better soon!!


sphinx - February 6

My dr says the only thing effective and safe for babies is benydryl. But you have to call the pharmacy to find out what the correct dose it because it does not give dosing for infants on the box. I have called a few times for dosing info. They ask the age and weight and the pharmacist looks up the correct dosage. Make sure they give you the dose in the same unit of measurement that your syringe or medicine dispenser has.


cubbie - February 6

My doctor told me to put 5 drops of eucalyptus oil inside the humidifier and that really helps. Also put a folded towel under the head side of the crib matress so that her head is slightly elevated - I keep it there all the time even when she doesn't have a cold.


suze42 - February 7

My 7mo old had her worst cold yet. Im so dam frustrated by the ban on all meds for babies...its all because of meth heads and stupid parents who overdose b/c they want their kids to sleep. The rule of thumb when my DS5 was a baby was not meds for 3mos and younger/ decongestant for 3-12mos/no anthimistimine until 2yrs unless for allergic reaction. Today when i called my Ped, she would NOT prescribe anything...but did say sudafed is fine for babies(duh...i gave it to my 5yr per ped. advice 5 yrs ago...why not now?) BUTsince they dont dose it for infants anymore she cant advise its use. However i did find a sudafed liquid decongestant for children with a dosiage for 2-6yrs of 1 dropper full. Maybe the druggist will help you dose for baby...i think 1/2 dropper sounds good to me...Im gonna try it tonight if my poor girl is still miserable... Sphinx i found your info about Benedryl interesting. That was my question....because docs always tell you its okay in the case of allergic reactions...so why not for runny noses...Im a mom...i want to help her...and saline, suction, elevation and humidfier DOES NOT cut it. unless the infants are under 3 mos. Sorry for the soapbox..but im so frustrated w/this med ban.


o0LiLy0o - February 8

Dont give her cold medicine. they are very very bad. Buy some salinex. It's basicaly salt water and it unplugs the nose. Maybe give a bit of tempra and thats it. You can also prop up the mattress in the crip with something. A pillow or something put it under the mattress so your baby is tilted a bit upright. It will help a big deal. good luck.


jen327 - February 8

saline drops, just squirt tonssssssssss in there. and use a humidifier.



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