What To Pack On A Diaper Bag

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Mary Overdue - November 2

I have 4 diaper bags I want to leave ready for when the baby is born (anyday now). Can you let me know what I should pack on them? - I have 10 diapers, 2 diaper cloths for swaddling and etc, 2 onesies, 1 baby throw, 2 pairs of socks. Desitin. I am br___tfeeding 100% so no need for bottles. What am I missing? Thanks.


Narcissus - November 2

Is this to take to the hospital or for when you get home?


Mary - November 2

when I get home. I am packing a mommy bag, a daddy bag, a grandparents bag and an extra bag so save myself time. I now it is a little overkill, but as you can see I have much time to kill and I am bored to tears here waiting for Jaime to be born. :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 2

Whenever I go out, the basics I always have a change of clothes, diapers, burp cloth, blanket, wipes, toys, bottle and formula, I do not b___st feed, a bib, pacifier and his medication depending on how long we will be gone. I always try to keep one stocked up and ready to go. Is that what you are asking? When I drop him off at family's to go to work, I make sure he has a thermometer and tylenol just in case as well as his nose squeegee/ suckie thing. Hope that helps!


momma - November 2

when my daughter was first born i packed 1 diaper per hour i would be gon (and then some) when old enough enough food for the feedings we would be out for (and then some) and the supplys to feed them with 2-5 changes of cloths 1 or 2 spare blankets 2+ burp cloths eventually a few toys and a plastic bag for dirty cloths and a pack od disposable diper sacks for those really messy or smelly diapers and sometimes a camera you never know when they will do somthing cute


Narcissus - November 2

Honestly, I would pack one diaper bag. You will not have the time to keep up with all 4 bags once Jaime gets here. I know your bored and it's fun to play with the baby's stuff, but I think it's going to backfire. I have a hard time keeping up with the one bag we have. I would add some distraction toys, a pacifier or two, a bottle (you never know!), wipes, a couple of granola bars for you, a spare outfit for winter (possible poop explosion), and a hat.


Shelly - November 2

Make sure you have mittens for the baby.and i was reading your list ;you need wipes too.


Mary - November 2

thanks for the replies. I added the stuff missing. About the baby wipes, do you put them in a sealable plastic bag, you do not put in the bag a whole container, right?


Jamie - November 2

I don't bother with a diaper bag at all anymore. I keep a package of diapers, a box of wipes, and a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car. I carry my baby in a sling, so whenever I'm not in my car, I stick a diaper and a Ziplock bag of wipes into the pocket of the sling. A spare outfit is a good idea, but I've never really found it to be necessary. The sling serves as a blanket, too, so I don't pack an extra of that...I will occasionally grab a cloth diaper to use for spit-ups, but my baby doesn't really spit up anymore. If I'm leaving the baby with someone else, I pack a thermal lunchbox with frozen b___st milk (enough for one more feeding than I anticipate missing) and one or two bottles. Oh, and I always have 2 pacifiers - one in her mouth, and one in my pocket for when she spits the one in her mouth onto the ground.


Shelly - November 2

They sell flat wipes holders,they will holds about 15 wipes.I have one from pampers.


karine - November 2

i always have a "medical" kit in the bag, that includes. tempra(tylenol), gripe water, thermometer, nail clipper, band-aids, oragel...LOL....it all depends on age, but i baught those with my diaper bag, and they satayed in there.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 2

Right now in my diaper bag I have (ok get ready cause its kinda funny, and I am being very serious and going through it as I type) 4 diapers, changing pad, wipe container with like 2 wipes in it, 3 bottle lids, 1 used bottle, munchkin formula holder, 2 bibs (1 dirty), 1 onesie, washcloth (use it instead of burp cloth) teething toy, a peekaboo block, empty bottle of lotion, a thermometer that the battery is dead in, pair of sungla__ses for Amaya, balmex, baby vicks vapor rub, brush/comb (if you have seen her pics and her hair you will understand) a red inkpen w/o lid, teething tablets, baby tylenol, and 2 socks that dont match. That is about it, I also have a bag that came with the diaper bag that I use for my wallet, sungla__ses, camera, and other purse stuff. I guess what I am getting at is I agree with Narcissus, there is no way I can keep up with 1 diaperbag let alone 4! I run around everymorning stuffing more wipes and diaper in the bag. LOL anyway, good luck keeping up with all that. OH and for the blanket, Amaya has her favorite and she will not go anywhere w/o it so it is always in her carseat!


Jbear - November 3

Wipes don't dry out in a plastic bag the way they do in the neat little holders (I only mention it because I used mine for the first time in weeks and the wipes were so dry I had to moisten them at the sink). You need a changing pad, too. Just about all restrooms have changing tables attached to a wall, but they're not always the cleanest. You should also put some ziplock bags in your diaper bag, in case the baby has a "poop explosion" and you have to take the outfit home to wash. Ziplock bags are also good if you're changing a diaper at someone's house...so you don't have to leave a dirty diaper in their trashcan. Someone mentioned using washcloths for burp cloths...I do that and it works really well.


Jamie - November 3

I don't have a changing pad...I agree the stations in restrooms are nasty...I wipe it down with a wipe, and then change her on my sling...amazing how useful one strip of fabric is!! lol



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