What To Sleep In Now

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squished - October 9

Our 15 week old is wrestling to get out of his swaddle now and likes to suck on his hand, so I think that we are going to figure something else out. I was thinking about a Halo sleepsack. Do they wear long sleeve onsies under there or onsies and pants? We live in FL and the room is at 72 at night. Also, we are going back to CO to visit and we have some pants, jeans, a couple of hoodie sweatshirts, a ski cap, shoes, socks and some heavier blankets. Any other suggestions for things to take? We've lived there ourselves for a long time, but have never had to dress a baby in the cold before. Our son never even wears socks LOL!!!!


Val - October 9

Hi Squished... our 4.5 month old ds sleeps in footies (pjs with feet) and a shortsleeve sleepsack now that the weather (in Oregon) has turned colder. We keep our heater set at about 61-64F at night. During the summer he just slept in the pjs... if your house stays at 72, pjs might be all he needs. This whole winter baby thing is new for me as well, but we do have a couple of body suits for the baby in case it gets really cold. One is fleece and the other is sort of like a sleeping bag with leg spaces and a hood. Both were given or lent to us by friends and we haven't used them yet. You might want to get mittens if it will be really cold out...


excited2bemama - October 10

I live in nh and we moved our dd from being swaddled to a sleep sack.. it doesn't have arms though. Its getting cold here and I have a fan on at night for white noise so her room gets cooler. I do onesies, pj's, sleep sack.. I would think in fl you might just need to do pj's, then sleep sack


DDT - October 10

We live in BC Canada and its getting quite cold here now to. We keep the temp in my ds's ( almost 8 months old) room at 20 C degrees. He still only needs to sleep in a sleeper (feet covered) or if pj's then he wears socks. We only used the sleep sack until ds was about 4-5 months old. Then he started rolling in his crib and hated the sack because it impended his movement. He was also a toe grabber/sucker and couldn't get to his toes wearing the sack. He is a very active boy in the crib.


DDT - October 10

BTW 20 C degrees is 68 F degrees.


MNMOM - October 10

I love the Halo sleep sack! We always dressed our baby in a regular sleeper (long sleeves and long footed legs) and then put the sleep sack on. It was great :)


aliciavr6 - October 10

I have one of those little safe plastic heaters ($30 at lowes) one with a thermostat that oscillates just for sweeties room, so her room is pretty warm at night, and I just put her to bed in a tshirt and diaper, or a onesie and just a receiving blanket over her.


Tracy88 - October 10

I live in FL too and always have my wee-one is pants, socks, and long sleeve onsies, under the sleep sack. we keep our place about 73 also. She never seems too hot or too cold.


Gretta - October 11

Good question - how do you keep thier little hands warm?


MNMOM - October 11

gretta- that is the one problem we still have. The poor fingers get cold! We have to keep our house set a bit warmer in the winter when we have a baby around, that helps.



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