What Toys To Get For 6 Month Olds

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Lisa - November 26

My son just turned 6 months and seems bored/ frustrated with everything. He can't sit up yet either. He will only sit in bouncy for a few minutes, same with exersaucer and playmat. I give him rattles and things to hold and he just screams because he can't control them well I don't know if this is a transition period, but it is driving me crazy!!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 26

You should look into the bumbo seat. http://www.bumboseat.com/ It will let him sit easier and you wont have to worry about him falling over. Also, the peekaboo blocks from Fisher price are WONDERFUL!!


Ashley - November 26

Have you tried sitting him by a mirror? When all else fails with my 7 month old daughter, I sit with or I put her in the bumbo seat by the mirror and she gets so excited. Also, I have a baby einstien chair that has a piano attached to it, she loves that. When I want to take a shower I put her in that chair and bring her into the bathroom with me. It distracts gher for quite a while. Hope that helps.


Jenn... - November 27

Blake is almost 6 months old and his favorite toy is my remote control ...lol =) He still is not crawling quite yet but if he sees the remote near him he sure does try to move towards it...kinda like a worm. He loves the exersaucer at his Grandma's house, but I am sure if it were at home he would get bored with it like everything else! He is not yet sitting up on his own either. Are other 6 month olds sitting and crawling yet???


ally - November 28

my daughter loves to lay on her baby couch with one of those frame toys with hanging toys from it, if that makes sense, not sure of exact name. Her swing is also a godsend.


Kathryn - November 28

Hi Lisa. I think we will go crazy together. My son just turned six months and nothing seems to keep his interest. He doesn't sit own his own either. I have found I just have to keep him moving around from is jumparoo, to his walker, to the floor ect. I think it sounds like the age.



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