What Were You Feeding Your Baby At 6 Months

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Angela in California - July 15

Just wondering what if any solids you are/were feeding your baby att 6 months/


ryanmommy - July 15

My son has been eating fruits and veg. and juicy/soft table foods (without seasonings) since he was about six months. :0)


Sophia - July 16

I started my daughter on oatmeal and barley when she was 5 months. I fed her only twice a day, sometimes once. After she turned 6 months, I added a jar of veggies after a meal. She would eat 1 or 2 of those, depending on how hungry she was. Then I started giving fruit (apple, banana, blueberry), pureed in a blender.


kristie h - July 16

I feed my son soggy arrow root biscuts, custards, pureed fruit, mashed potato, mashed carrot, rusks, mashed pumpkin, mashed bannas, apples. I only fed my son two times aday, breakfest and early dinner about 3.30 or 4.00pm depending on when he was going to go to bed as i didnt want to feed them to close to bed time.


Kimmy - July 16

my son is 8 months old now and he has been eating Heinz' beginner line of foods since he was 6 months. I have tried to add some of the "6 month" foods such as mixed vegetables, and mixed vegetables and chicken, but he does not seem to want those foods, i think it is because he finds the texture a little thicker than that of the beginner strained foods. he eats twice sometimes three times a day. Bananas and applesauce in rice cereal for breakfast, some fruit for lunch, and a jar of veggies for dinner, all of which are followed by a bottle of formula. If anyone has any suggestions or advice it is more than welcomed.


cae - July 16

At 4months I fed my son rice cereal, barley and oatmeal, twice a day. Then at 5months I introduced him to veggies then fruit. So he is eating oatmeal with fruit in the morning, veggie in the afternoon, and oatmeal with fruit in the evening. He is 51/2 months now. At 6months I will introduce stage 3 meals,(baby jar food) chicken and rice, chicken noodle, etc..


Aussie Beck - July 16

My dd is 6.5 months and she has: 'Heinz Baby Multigrain Banana Breakfast' mixed with formula in the morning (it becomes sort of like a porridge and is a good source of iron); pureed vegies followed by pureed fruit for lunch (such as potato, carrot, pumpkin, apple or pear), and an early dinner which is usually just pureed fruit and occasionally baby custard (mixed with formula) as a treat. She also has four bottles a day, one with each meal as well as an afternoon bottle by itself. I also give her rusks to chew on sometimes too. I'm waiting until 8 months to introduce meat and dairy.


Bonnie - July 16

Mason is 5 months and eating 32 ounces of formula plus 3-four ounce jars per day of fruits, veggies, dinners, and cereal (he's over 20 pounds though)


AmandaManns - July 16

My son is almost 7 months and he eats 20-24 oz of formula a day and two jars of stage 3 baby food and about a 1/4 of cereal a day. I also let him eat the fruit and veggie puffs and some table food. He is 21 lbs now at 7 months and he is just a good eater.



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