What Were Your Lo Sdoing At 7 Mos

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BWIND - September 22

Just kinda curious how everyone else's 7month old acted or is acting. DS is 7 months and 1 week. He is now saying mama......usually when he fusses but I'm counting it. He is very close to crawling...rocks back and forth like crazy. He sits all by himself, and can almost pull himself up. He laughs constantly,mostly at our dogs....he loves them. He loves to play. He still doesn't respond to his name a whole lot. He chooses to listen to DH more than me...He could play in his exersaucer and I could be right in front of him trying to talk to him, and he just continues to play.....>BUT, if DH or grandma walks in the room, he'll stop and smile and get excited for them. Any other mom's out there feel like their kid ignores the already? At times, I still feel like he stares off and looks at strange things, the blinds, curtains, TV, LOVES remotes controls and telephones. Does anyone elses's 7 month old do this? I figured he'd outgrow it by now. OH, and I think we are starting separation anxiety. This weekend everytime I'd leave the room, he's start to cry and put his arms out to pick him up. It was cute the first 30 times he did it, but now 30 more times later, I'm thinking "Oh c__p, what do we do now?"


BWIND - September 22

c___p that was kinda long...sorry


DDT - September 22

Yes, yes & yes. My ds is also 7 months & 1 week. He babbles da-da, ma-ma ect. Sits by himself, rocks back and forth on hands & knees, laughs at the dog. He is fascinated with remotes, cellphones, toothbrushes, paper ect. All those silly things...Your ds sounds like he is doing great!! Oh, and my lo started his seperation anxiety about 2-3 wks ago. He is starting to get a little better about that now though. My ds does respond to me when I talk to him. I could be just that you're a face he always sees so it's nothing different...but that fact that he is feeling seperation anxiety means that he feels safe and comforted by you. He LOVES you more than anything!


Jrmama - September 23

Hello, my ds is also 7 months 1 week. He does basically the same things that your lo does. He is fasinated by the blinds, telephone, music screen on the computer, keys and lights. He also love to bite paper and anything else that he finds. He is just now learning to pull himself up to the standing position and crawls on his tummy to everywhere he needs to go. Its as if he is swimming on the floor. I dont know if he will ever crawl on his hands and knees lol. I have also noticed that he doesnt b___stfeed as much as he used to, guess its because he is so much more mobile now. He loves to look in the mirror and laugh at himself (soo cute).


DB - September 23

Yup. my dd is almost 8 months and she is still fascinated by the remote control and sometimes our ceiling fans!! The separation anxiety has kicked in big time for us...although when I leave her with my MIL or at daycare she could care less if I leave. She is pretty responsive to her name most of the time, but sometimes she'll just stare off out the window and ignore me. She is big-time babbling lately...mamamamadadadadabababa, all day long!


mamatom - September 27

my son will be 7 months in 3 days.. he does all those things.. I love watching him on his belly, he can go in circles on his tummy.. So funny.. He responds to his name, says baba, dada, mama (same when he cries).. he LOVES remote controls, he wants to drink out of our gla__ses, grabs the spoon when you're feeding him and puts it in his mouth (i have to hold it too).. He sings when you play music and if you are talking to him, he'll talk back... I have this one game where I say a certain word and he will bump your head with his head.. It's so cute.. That one he's been doing since he was 4 months old.. When I sing in my language he smiles a lot more than if i'm singing in english.. as soon as I start singing in my language, he'll calm down right away, which helps during diaper changes.. haha.. oh and he cannot sit still.. No separation anxiety here yet. He's pretty easy going and loves everyone and smiles everywhere we go. this is kinda long too.. So many things they learn every day.. :D


priya79 - September 27

My dd is 7 months and 1 week too. She dosent babble mama or dada yet :((( but babbles gooo....aaaa...ga....agooo etc.. She says mama when she cries (I can count them) She loves the TV remote a lot. She has started the seperation anxiety about 2-3 weeks ago and cries so hard when I leave the room. She loves to go out in her stroller and I take her everyday to a water fountain and she loves it. She loves the swings in the park . She responds to her name very well. she can sit by herself and play with her toys, she has mastered crawling and pulling and standing up.


HopefulK - September 28

Hi, my son is 7 mths 2 wks this weekend. However he's 7 weeks premature, so he's a little behind physically I think. He says dada loads, occasoinaly mama, babbles and gabs to himself, laughs, loves the mirror and the ceiling lights. Picks things up and throws them around, knows his name and will respond, plays with his toys and loves the cat. He doesn't sit up by himself yet, gets himself around by bouncing on his bum as he lays down, if you hold him he loves standing up, in his bouncer and loves jumping and swinging and he LOVES the tv! Oh and the sun rises and sets in dada. I think he's about a month behind physically, his birth age, so I expect him to be sitting confidently in the next 4 weeks or so. He's the happiest little chap ever. I adore being a mum. All the little ones sound like they are thriving. Good luck, its good to hear where babies are up to. xx



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