What Will The Baby NEED

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Hannah - January 6

I am sooo confused about what to get for the baby. How many crib bumber sets will i need? What about crib sheets?? How about other stuff?? Advice? Thanks!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 6

OK maybe I am a bad mom or something but I only have like 3 sheets and 1 bumper set thing. Anytime I change her sheets I wash it right away and have it back on the crib before she even needs it. Now you will need some matress pads (to help when they leak) I would suggest get 2 mattress pads, 2-5 sheets (depending on how often you change sheets, where you will be changing diapers, how often you do laundry, etc) I left my bumper pad on all the time (it never got anything on it) You will need a few recieving blankets at first but other than that that is about all the bedding you will need. If you have a ba__sinette or something you will want sheets for that but they dont cover with blankets and pillows are a no no so if you think of anything else just ask!


Christy - January 6

Be warned, you are going to get a million conflicting responses to this question. First off, Babies R Us and Baby Center have great lists of what you will need. I used the one from Babies R Us and went over it with a few friends with kids to see what they thought I really needed. There is also this book that a lot of people liked that gave the low-down on what was needed and how to get the best stuff at a baragin. I wish I knew the name, but I don't- sorry! Maybe someone else does. Initially, a lot of it depends on your living arrangements (house vs apartment, big space vs small space), sleeping arrangements (cosleeping vs in a crib/ba__sinet in your room vs in their nursery), and how you will plan to feed the baby (b___st vs bottle), I think. For instance, if you are cosleeping or using a ba__sinet/cosleeper, the crib and crib bedding can wait a while. If you are bf, you probably won't need a pump or bottles right away, unless you plan to start pumping sooner than later for some reason. When picking a car seat and stroller, are you in a big city and use lots of public transportation, or do you live in the burbs or rural area and/or have a car? People in metro areas with public transport need sturdy lightweight strollers and/or travel systems. I live in the burbs and drive everywhere, so I made sure I could get the stroller in and out of the car myself and that it would fit in the trunk of the car. Think about that kind of stuff first. Then get one of those lists I mentioned and see what fits into your lifestyle and how you plan to arrange things when baby comes home. Get a friend or sibling with kids to help you decide what you really need off the list or come back here with more specific questions when you have that general stuff figured out. I know it isn't the answer you were hoping for, but trust me, the more you think it through, the better stuff you will have to prepare and help you with your newborn. With that said, the things I could not live without for my winter baby initially have been: the crib, crib matress, fitted crib sheets (2-3 max), mattress pad, receiving blankets (get square ones if you can find them- they make for good swaddling,) infant seat, swing, footed sleepers (about 6-8 in 0-3 month size), side snap undershirts (4-6), diapers, diaper champ, rear-facing car seat, b___stfeeding pillow (My Breast Friend beats Boppy hands down!), diaper wipes, diaper bag, diaper rash cream, washcloths (3-4 is enough), cotton b___s, hooded towels (2-3 is plenty), Bundle Me bunting (for the car seat for a winter baby- much better than trying to wrestle a snowsuit), and burp/lapcloths and bibs (if you ahve a spitter, which I do), hats (2-3). I have a crib beding set with a bumper. I do not use the diaper stacker or comforter that came with it except for decoration. I hope this helps! Good luck!


FF - January 6

Just use commone sense about most of it. You'll need a few recieving blankets for both swaddling and burp cloths. They are also good as changing mats if you don't have a changing table. And some things- like hooded towels- are cute but not truly needed b/c a regular towel does just as well to cover and dry baby. I don't have a crib set up just yet, but I have about 5 sets of second hand sheets and will invest in some pads to go under them. Good luck!


FF - January 6

oops- meant to say common *


Shannon - January 6

basic necessities for me have been....*onsies, lots and lots of onsies * lots of footed sleepers (they are much easier than little outfits when changing diapers) *lots of diapers * lots of diaper cream (i use Balmex at almost every diaper change and my baby has only gotten a little diaper rash like once in 10 weeks) * lots of baby wipes *a baby shampoo/wash and a few washclothes *i reccommend some sort of baby tub thingy cuz the regular tub is just too big *several baby blankets cuz they get dirty easily *baby detergent (like Dreft or All baby or whatever in case ur little one is sensitive to detergent) *oh, duh, and you'll have to have an infant carseat to bring the baby home with you.....that's all i can think of right now. co-sleeping is the cheapest and what i do so i don't know about crib stuff yet


Shannon - January 6

oh and i love my Boppy. never use a My Best Friend


Shannon - January 6

ooops, i mean i've never used a My Best Friend


Eryn - January 6

I would get a ba__sinet because its so much easier to have the baby in the room with you. I also recommed gettering one of those mirrors you put in front of the carseat so when your driving you can look in your rear view mirror and see your baby. I am always wanting to check on my daughter when we are driving.


krystal - January 6

and lotion, shampoo, diaper cream. diapers(one newborn pk should do for now) baby body wash......and what the other's said....


Heidi - January 6

I have too much of everything so here's my two cents. TONS of onsies. I used these for sleeping also. Lots of diapers. They go through a lot the first month. Diaper rash cream is a must just in case. I only gave her sponge baths until her cord came off. Then I got an inexpensive tub for the sink at Walmart and some baby suds/shampoo/lotion. I put socks on under Emma's onsies cus it's winter here. Little hats if it's cold where you are for in the car. Get some of those cloth diapers for burp rags. I have a huge pile of them on my kitchen counter and diaper bag and I used them 24/7. I have some crib sheets but like someone else said, I wash and put them back on right away and the mattress is a plastic material so I don't worry about leaks. Keep a pacifier on hand and GAS DROPS just in case! Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Baby Tylenol just in case. Emma slept and ate non-stop the first 6 wks so having toys was pointless. She's 12 wks old and likes to look at them and that's about it. Around 6 wks old I started using the swing/bouncy seat. She loves both. I have a cute fishy mirror so I can see her in the back seat. Find a couple toys with the linky doodle things to hang them on the handle of the car seat to give her something to look at in the car. Anyway, those are some of the things that pop in my head. You seriously don't need much. I used a ba__sinet the first couple weeks but ended up letting her sleep with me most of the time and she still does!


Heidi - January 6

Oh and long sleeved undershirts if it's cold where you live. I put these on under all of Emma's clothes to keep her nice and warm. One other thing I find very handy is I bought some of those puppy training pads for when I change her places. They've saved me from changing her bedding and mine! I use them when we're out shopping and I have to use those icky changing stations. I keep a stack in my diaper bag and use them to lay her on or if I'm at someone's house I use them so she doesn't accidentally pee on their carpet or couch.


Older Mom of 4 - January 6

My advice would to err on the side of not having enough. Spend the least amount of money you can. Remember, when you buy things like clothes and blankets you are buying loads of laundry. You will need more things later that will be more important. If you are having a shower, you will probably have enough stuff just from that. Don't buy any toys---you will get so many as gifts and you don't need very many anyway. As for a stroller, get one that is light and easy to fold up. The expensive Rolls models (I've had 3) are a pain to deal with. Keep it simple, it's much easier.


Jan - January 6

What the baby needs most is YOU. Don't worry too much about stuff. You can get by with very little.


Sophie's Grandma - January 7

To save $$ look in thrift stores or children's consigment shops for newborn itmes. They are in them for such a short time they hardly ever get worn out and sometimes never used. Ask around and try to borrow itmes as well...people love to helpout newborns and mom's. Recieving blankets work very well as sheets in ba__sinette's. No ba__sinette? a large laundry basket with a 1" foam will do the trick. Crib only, then only 1 bumber set is needed and 3 sheets and 2-3 mattress pads. Save $$ go to a fabric store and buy the pad material. Cut to size and you don't have to sew the edges if no sewing machine is avail. 4 recieving blankets for swaddling and burping. 4 or more sleepers and undershirts. 2 blankets, thickness depending on your weather. Wash cloths, baby soap (shampoo can wait until latter) Rubbing alcohol for umbilicord, diapers, wipes, bum cream of choice. Nursing bra should be bought approx. 2 weeks b4 due date for best fit, nursing pads if BFeeding or bottles & formula. All these other mom's have given you some great suggestions! Most cities & towns have public health departments...ask for advise:) Oh the one important thing to have is LOTS of love, cuddles and patience:)!!


Sophie's Grandma - January 7

OOPS...sorry about the type "0's" I should read b4 hitting submit b___ton.


jg - January 7

I would say the best buy ever is b___ton-up body suits instead of singlets! I bought about forty five million singlets and only used one once and it was so annoying cause it bunched up all the time. With the ba__sinet, I had only one set because i swaddled my boy anyway so i didn't ever put him directly on the sheets, only on top of it all. Same with the cot. He never actually sleeps under the sheets or doona cause he is so little that i put him right down the end on top of the doona with a blanket over him. I just swap the doonas every now and then so I can wash them. Lots of pregnancy magazines have basic lists of gear that you will need. You might find that sorbelene/glycerine cream will do for both washing baby in bath and moisturising afterwards, as well as for nappy rash. I would say buy absolute basics now: bodysuits, growsuits, socks, a cardigan or two, hat and mittens....cause when your little bundle arrives you will want to go crazy then buying all the dress-up stuff!! I'm not one to talk though about only having basics. Having been trying for 5 years to get pregnant I went crazy during that time buying gear "to keep my hopes up" that by the time Elijah actually arrived our spare bedroom looked like a baby shop!! Happy buying!! PS Ebay is great for baby clothes and other gear.



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