What Will You Get Your 8 Month Old For Easter

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Cassie06 - March 5

I am trying to figure out what to put in DS's Easter basket. He will be about 8 months on Easter. I know I am getting him the Happy Feet dvd. (DH and I went and saw the movie in theaters and loved it!) I am not sure what else to put in his basket though! Ideas?


Mellissa - March 5

ooh. when does Happy Feet come out? I want to get that for the kids. If you want to get him some snacks, you could try those gerber fruit or veggie puffs, if you think he can eat them (diesel is 7 months and has been eating them for a few weeks now).. also, maybe some cute tiny toys he can take on outings with him.


CyndiG - March 5

Carlie will probably get a fun stuffed animal and definately a chocolate cross. It's a tradition. Morgan, my oldest has always gotten a chocolate cross. I don't know what else. I'll just have to go shopping and see what catches my fancy. I love Easter!


Ca__sie06 - March 5

I think Happy Feet comes out around March 24. I know it is the end of March. I was thinking about trying to give him such fruit puffs but I didnt know if he could eat them yet or not. He can sit unsupported and is crawling. I think he may be ready! These are good ideas!


AnytimeLittleone - March 5

OMG Ca__sie, hes crawling already?!? Eva just rocks on her knees and does a face plant now and then. I went to the dollar store and got her a really bright coloured basket.. and the easter straw, which im sure she'll throw all over. I got some chocolate eggs and other stuff to put in there for her dad, along with some lollipops, which she could have a taste of. I saw these cute stuffed animals the other day... a cow, a pig, a lamb.. and they all say "moooo" or "oink oink!" or "baaaaa". I think I might get them, as it'll teach her what the animals say... Have a great Easter with Connor!


Ca__sie06 - March 6

hi Anytime! Yeah, he is starting to crawl. For a while he would just crawl and scoot his forehead along the ground. Now he is starting to pick it up and take a few small "steps" (or crawls, lol, not sure what to call that!) He doesnt go really far yet, usually he crawls a little bit then rolls or scoots to get whatever it was that he wanted! Those are some good ideas! My mom was trying to give me some ideas then told me I couldnt steal them all because she was using some of them for his basket from her. Then she told me she was going to get happy feet for my basket! lol. Oh well. Is it sad that I still get a basket from my parents? haha. I hope you and Eva have a great Easter too!! How are you feeling?


pinkbo0tlace - March 6

Okay, ladies please help me..when is easter?!...I can't remember! I know it's coming up but my mind is so shot latley, i've be soo busy I want to pull my hair out. I hardly have any time for myself. I love my children and they are worth it, but you probably get what I mean. Anyways, Happy Feet is super duper cute! I took my two year old daughter to see it, and she loves it! Now I ask "Haylie, so me your happy feet" and she does a little tap dance all over the living room floor...it's so funny! Ca__sie06..thank you for that GREAT idea of having that movie in the basket!! I was stumped too! Look for some toys that would fit in the basket. Mellissa's idea of the gerber fruit puffs is great. Ca__sie06- You still get a basket? lol, that's too cute. Heck no it's not sad! It's cute!


tryingx3 - March 6

April 8


Ca__sie06 - March 6

haha. Yeah, I still get a basket. My mom asked if I thought me and my sis should still get baskets this year (I am 20, she is almost 18) and I said of course! She asked how long she was supposed to do that for and I told her until one of us dies! haha. She has even got my husband a basket the past 2 years!


Mellissa - March 6

Ca__sie... I think the recommendations for starting the fruit puffs is that as long they are crawling with their belly off the ground, can sit up usupported, can mash foods between their gums. Diesel had the hardest time getting those little things into his mouth at first, but he's got it down now. They come in so many different flavors. his favorite are sweet potato and strawberry/banana. I don't think it's sad that you get a basket still.. I'm sure my kids will be getting little things like that from me for the rest of their lives. :)


BriannasMummy - March 6

Sheesh I wish i still got a basket from my parents for easter.. but NOOOO. haha. Hmm things to buy an 8 month old. You could always buy sippy cups and instead of putting them in an easter basket you could put it all in a pail with a shovel for the beach. You could also buy a little hat for the summer time.. like one of those bucket hats they look adorable on little boys. THANK YOU soo much for reminding me that Happy Feet is coming out.. we took Bri to the theater to see it and she L O V E D it!! ~Kristin~


Emily - March 6

Ca__sie, my dd has been eating the puffs for a month or so. She doenst' even have any teeth. I think i will get her some of those or other gerber finger foods and a small toy or somthing. She loves the phone and the remotes so I may try to look for a little toy phone.....


Emily - March 6

oh my dd is 8 mos now but has been eating ht epuffs since about 6.5. She only has one tooth that made it appeance in the last two weeks..


piratesmermaid - March 6

How fast do those puffs dissolve? ...........Is Easter really April 8th already? I thought it was April 15th. Anywho. Besides the baskets, what plans do ya'll have for your lo??? I love Easter, too. :)



hmmm i have gotten her an easter outfit (dress, shoes, hair band) and some bunny ears. I think grams is getting her a basket, she is 5 months now so no easter egg hunt for her.


Smilefull - March 6

Emberbaby that sounds soooo cute!


Emily - March 6

oh yah, we do Easter Dresses each year for th girls, but my mom usually buys them ahead of time. We bought them for this year already as we found a sale!



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