What Would Make A Baby S Poop Green

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new mommy to Faith - November 28

I am br___tfeeding my daughter who is 4 months old and for the past week and a half she has been having green poop, I am not sure if teething could cause this or if it something else. I think she may be teething, she has her 4 month check up tomorrow so I will definitly bring it up to her doctor, could she be dehydrated she always tries to drink the bath water. Thanks alot.


momofalexys - November 28

Hi- I don't think you should worry unless the poo is hard and dry which would mean she is constipated. If she doesn't have a fever and is eating enough then she's probably ok. If she was dehydrated her poo would be sticky and dark, like thick goo. Baby poo changes different colors naturally. Ask your doc if you are concerned. Hope this helps!


monica - November 28

has she had any solids or formula at all...even a little bit?


Shannon - November 28

i have no idea but i've been wondering the same thing for the past like week. my 5 week old has been pooping green and i've been b___stfeeding too. once it was even a brownish green. i thought as long as they're only drinking milk it stayed yellow. sorry i can't help, but i hope someone knows!


new mommy to Faith - November 28

she has not had any solids or formula at all, I know lately she started eating less often but for a little longer, she used to eat for only like 10 minutes every hour but now ahe will eat for likr 15 to 20 minutes maybe, every 2 to 3 hours could that be what it is from, I am trying to think of all the posibilities.


Christy - November 28

btw- the other hyphens should be removed.


BBK ® © - November 28

Could occur from too much foremilk. Make sure she has completely drained one b___st befeore switching.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

My son's poop turned dark green a few weeks ago and I was alarmed. Someone said something about iron in formula causing that. My son is formula fed, though, so that would not apply to b___st fed babies. I think I will ask my doc when I call to have my son's zantac adjusted.


Jamie - November 28

I agree with BBK - if it's green, and you haven't changed your diet, nurse her longer on one side, to make sure she's getting enough hindmilk.


Toya - November 29

BBK, you know your stuff don't you! lol. Sometimes, I wish my husband were as informed of this stuff as you. :) I have to agree with you...Asjani had green poop once and it was because of the foremilk...The hospital told me to nurse on both b___sts, but by the time Asjani was 3 weeks old, one b___st was enough to satisfy her.


BBK ® © - November 29

Toya, I'm kinda forced to. My wife gets way too crazy at the slightest thing and wants to rush the baby to the doctor. The green poop was one of those times :-) She's getting better though


Sarah - November 29

My baby girl is b___stfed and had green poop for a while then it was yellow for a week-now it's greenish again. From everything I've researched on the internet it's probably normal! I got help at kellymom.com from experts. They could give you the best advice. I don't think it could be dehydration unless shes not having many pee diapers.


sheree - November 29

i've always been told that green poo is from wind and aslo it could be the iron from formula, but since ur b___st feeding it not that, so maybe she has wind!


new mommy to Faith - November 29

Well we had our 4 month check up today all is well she wighs 12 lbs. 9 oz and is 26 inches long. The doctor said the green poop is nothing to worry about unless it has blood in it then he would be conerned. He also said it has nothing to due with the milk, she can start baby cereal now, my husband is happy because he can feed her now. thanks for all your responses.


lisa - November 30

i heard its when they arent getting enough milk


Jamie - November 30

How much was she at birth?


Toya - November 30

Newmommy, you have a tall slender one there...I have a short chubby one. lol. Asjani was 12 lbs at 2 months old but only 21 inches. 26 inches!!! wow!!! My almost 7 month old is only 25.



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