What Would U Do FIL Vent

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BriannasMummy - February 15

So last week we went away for a vacation. Before we left we decided that we would allow my fil to use our other car while we were away, so that it would make it easier on him and my mil having 2 vehicles for work purposes. When we got back we went to pick up the car, they gave us the keys, off we went. As I was driving behind him in the mini van I thought I could see something wrong with the bumper. I got my dh to stop.. sure enough.. the back bumper of my car is SMASHED.. it has 2 HUGE HOLES in it! So off we go the rest of the way home. My dh goes in to call his dad.. his dad says.. "Oops I forgot to mention that to you, I dont know what happened to it, I noticed it the other day and thought you did it" .. im thinkin.. YEAH RIGHT HE FORGOT TO MENTION A SMASHED BUMPER .. and he conveniently backed the car in the driveway so we wouldnt see the back of the car right away. If we put this through our insurance its going to sky rocket our premiums (as if canadian insurance isnt high enough). I know for a FACT ,that car was perfect when we dropped it off to him because I drove behind my husband to drop it off.. i would have noticed a smashed bumper. So instead of taking ownership of smashing our bumper hes brushing it under the carpet as if nothing happened. So a thousand dollars has gotta come out of my pocket to fix a bumper. My dh is also sitting back pretending that it didnt happen. IM severly angry that he would damage our vehicle, and then not have the common decency to fix it or at least own up. We were being nice by trying to help him out and thats what he does? Im thinkin the only reason my dh isnt angry is because its HIS dad.. if it were Mine he wouldnt hear the end of it, until it was fixed. I just dont know what to do.. I dont think I should be the one to pay for it! If the shoe were on the other foot he'd be on my doorstep with his hand out for the funds to fix it. Sorry this vent is soo long.. any suggestions on how i should handle this would be excellent.. thnx for letting me get that out!! ~Kristin~


BriannasMummy - February 15

OOO I forgot to mention in the heading.. This WAY WAY WAY FAR FAR OT!! OOpsy ~Kristin~


EMBERBABY - February 15

I would call FIL myself or even go by to talk to him. Since he denied it to your dh and everyone is acting like nothing happened you must speak to him yourself just ask him (in your most casual voice) "So what happend to the rear bumper?" See if he can keep a straight face and lie to you too. Tell him you know the car's bumper was in perfect condition when you dropped it off because you drove behind it. It's unbelievable that FIL would act like nothing happened. Good luck!


MM - February 15

I don't know what I would do... but that is a horrible thing for your fil to do!


BriannasMummy - February 15

Emberbaby.. thats exactly what I did. I went to him, and asked him, so what happened to the bumper of the car.. nice and casual. He responded with the same half a__s response as he did prior! Because my dh isnt making a big deal out of..HES not making a big deal out of it.. Im soo angry STILL.. My dh is just being so blase about it.. that makes me even more angry!! Thanx girls! ~Kristin~


mandee25 - February 15

Holy c___p would I ever be mad! I bet you won't let him borrow a vehicle again and I wouldn't blame you. He should be decent about it and fix it. I know what you mean about Canadian insurance girl. It hurts!



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