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marie - May 18

Hello ladies. I'm just wondering if there's anything you would have done differently to prepare the homecoming of your baby? I"m just trying to make a list of the things I should do now before I give birth.. For example, wash babies clothes, sterilize bottles, nipples and pacifiers, etc. What did you do to prepare? Looking back, what would you do differently?


YC - May 18

I did not sterilize any bottle or nipples because I was planning to b___stdfeed and for medical reasons I could not. I also did not have any formula in the house. I was also not prepared for an extrememly colicky baby. I would read the book "Happiest Baby on the Block". It's an easy-read and that way you are prepared though I hope you will not have to deal with coic. It gives great advice for all newborns though. Great tips on how to get them to sleep. I would have some gripe water and gas drops on hand just in case you need them. I would have batteries on hand for things like the bouncer and the monitors. I would prepare meals and freezew them so you or your significant other can just throw them in the microwave and eat. Showers and meals are a luxury with a newborn. I am sure these are things you have already thought of...I am a 1st time mommy of a 5 month old. I wish I would have thought to post this question last year LOL!!! Good Luck!


SonyaM - May 18

I would cook several measl ahead that can be frozen so you don't have to worry about that. Have someone come to help the first 1-2 weeks. Trust me on this one, you will want it and need it. I had a c-secion and man was I unprepared for this. The help was priceless. Also, after about 1-2 weeks, hire someone to come clean your house and do your laundry. My house looked like a tornado after a couple of weeks at home. It's hard to find the time, energy or desire to clean at that time. Also, read and buy The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg. Take it to the hositpal with you. Good luck.


YC - May 18

Oh yeah take the help that is offered. I forgot that one. I tried to do it all alone. Daddy had to return to work two days after delivery. It was so hard. I finally accepted the help of my inlaws. It was so much better. I dont think most people can afford to hire someone to clean the house I know I couldnt anyways. If there is no one to help you out than let the house go. The dishes and the laundry aren't going anywhere. Just rest and enjoy your new baby. Sleep when the baby sleeps. That is something else I wish I would have done differently!!


J.J. - May 18

I agree, you don't think you need the help, but you do. For the baby in addition to obvious supplies (wipes, desitin, vasiline, etc...) saline drops on hand in case he gets a dry/stuffy nose at nite; 2 different brands of newborn diapers since pampers/huggies fit different body types; put a radio in the nursery or wherever you plan to nurse/feed for entertainment for middle of nite feedings; and yes, a couple books on hand...i like baby 411 -- addresses every possible question that plagues you in the middle of the nite.


olivia - May 18

I would have had more stuff for me. Maxipads, b___stpads, quick meals, juices. I totally forgot to consider what I would need after the baby came.


Rabbits07 - May 18

Make your visitation policy clear to everyone before the birth. I know people mean well and are excited to see the baby, but all those visitors can get really overwhelming. It is very hard to get any rest when you have all those people in and out all day. With my last baby I had people coming to the hospital to see me at 10pm at night...I was literally exhausted and wanted to cry! This time visitors were limited to immediate family for the first few weeks. The freeze ahead meals is an excellent idea...or you can stock up on quick frozen dinners. Definitely accept help, but make it clear that you need help with everything--including the housework--not just the baby. I've learned people are quick to offer help, but want to keep baby while you do the dishes, laundry, etc. While it is nice to have someone watch baby while taking a shower or whatever, the new mom should be bonding with baby, not housework. Make sure you are stocked on diapers. I had 2 bags and in a matter of 4 or 5 days I was sending dh to the store.


LisaB - May 18



lrodriguez83 - May 18

I would suggest that you have lots of diapers and wipes on hand along with formula. I thought that I would be able to b___stfeed my son but had to supplement formula and we ran out of the formula from the hospital in just a few days. Make sure you have distilled water to mix with the formula. Also I would suggest if you can stock up on things like toilet paper, paper towels, and other toiletries. Also make sure you have plenty of pads for yourself. I would also suggest plenty of meals that are ready made and can be fixed quick and have plenty of juices and bottles of water if you are b___stfeeding. We caught ourselves having to go to Wal-Mart within a few days of having the baby and that was rough with me having a c section. Overall I would say stock up on items that you go through quickly, have formula on hand and have a plan to have people come over and help out. Also I would suggest that while you are in the hospital, if you can have someone go to your house the day you are coming home or the day before and make sure everything is clean and all of your laundry is done. My MIL did this for us the day we were coming home and it was so nice to come into a very clean home with a new baby and not have any worries for a few days and that gave us time to get acquainted with our new baby boy.


Mel_C - May 18

I'd recommend the "Happiest Baby On The Block" also, although I have the DVD rather than the book. If you're not co-sleeing, make up your cot/ba__sinet with mattress protector, sheets, blankets etc so it's all ready for when baby comes home. Make sure your carseat/capsule is all ready to go so there are no dramas with the homecoming. Have a number of recieving blankets washed and on hand, we seemed to go through so many per day, between nappy leaks and spit-ups. If you're b___stfeeding, make sure you have b___stpads and nipple cream handy (I used Lansinoh, absolutely brilliant). Make sure baby's room/space is sensibly set out, with a nappy change station in a good place. My change station has tissues, a thermos of hot water, diapers, paper towels, diaper disposal bags (like little mini checkout bags, only scented), wipes, rubbish bin, zinc oxide cream. Nearby is Ky's set of drawers where his clothes are set on in easy reach, I have his singlets/jumpsuits in one drawer, all-in-ones in another, and hats/booties etc in a third drawer. Lots of single portion frozen meals in the freezer. Have things arranged so that the late night/wee hours feeds are easy - maybe a comfy chair, tissues, dim night light etc. Good luck!


ry - May 18

The most important thing i wish i had done differently is gotten plenty of REST before my c section! I wasnt sleeping well through the night at all and didnt take the time to nap during the day. I was alwys running around doing things. Then once I had my baby rest was extrememly hard to get because of my hard recovery and b___stfeeding. Of course you need your supplies and dinners and all that but without your rest nothing else even matters.


meme - May 18

Hmmm, I ate humble pie... but that can be necessary & good for a person sometimes! lol What I mean is I was open to any possibility during labor, but deep down... my heart was still set on a natural labor. I got about twelve hours into completely naturally, but then it was discovered that my son was in a brow-facing presentation, a quite rare thing (only 1 in 500 births at the very most are this type), and had to have a c-section. I guess what I'd do differently is walk during pregnancy a lot more. I'm not certain, but that may have changed his position.


Jamie - May 19

I would make sure there is no perishable food in the house...I was induced, and given several hours' notice - so DH and I thought we'd be clever, and go buy groceries, etc., so we wouldn't have to when we came home. But, I ended up with complications, and was in the hospital for a week. All the food we had bought went bad, and we had to go to the store on the way home from the hospital. Also, call a neighbor or a friend when you're on your way home, and ask them to do a last-minute shopping trip for you for milk, bread, or formula or whatever.


Shea - May 19

Have some formula in the house (my milk was really slow to come in and ds's blood sugar at hospital was so low they said to give small amt of formula in syringe). Also, finger foods for you to eat while holding baby - I never had hands free to eat a "meal" and would have been nice to have something I could snack on while b___stfeeding, etc. I also bought an organizer for my bedroom closet to put diapers, baby clothes, blankets etc. since baby was sleeping in our room at first - that was a BIG help so I didn't have to keep going back to his room.


Marlene - May 19

My son was born four wks early so I had nothing done. My bag wasnt packed, i didnt have bottles b/c my shower was the saturday before I gave birth(which i missed b/c I was in the hospital), and his clothes weren't washed. I would say most important set up your house where the baby will be sleeping. Mainly get ready anything that you know you want done in a certain way b/c if your baby comes early family will have to do things for you and you may not like the way it is done.


marie - May 21

Ladies, thank you for the great advices. Keep it coming!


RB - May 21

hi marie - i would definitely make some meals and freeze them for when you get home - we ate so many take out / delivery meals and the last thing you want is that when you get home from icky hospital food... also, make sure the stuff you will use a lot when baby's home like diaper genies etc. is all unwrapped and ready to be used...good luck!



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