What You Did To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

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Perl - March 11

I especially want to hear from you if your baby was sleeping through the night at less than 6 months old. What is your secret?? Some of you ladies have little ones who are sleeping through the night. My 4 month old still wakes up for feedings at least 3 times per night. Did your little one just start sleeping all night on their own or did you actively do something to get them to sleep all night--like letting them cry it out, keep them up all day, or feed them more at night feeding? Also, I'm curious to know if any of you clever mothers br___tfeed or co-sleep?


mandee25 - March 11

Great question. My 15 week old ds still is getting up twice in the night for a feed.


starr - March 11

Well, we were blessed because my daughter who is now 9 months old began sleeping through the night at about 2 or 3 months old. I didn't do anything different to get her to do it.She just kinda started all on her own, which is GREAT for me! But for the first few wks I thought I would die from sleep deprivation.I would catch myself falling asleep while bf her. When she does wake up at night she gets a bottle and she's back to sleep in a couple of minutes. Her 2 older brothers were complete opposites, they would wake up at 4am to play! Well, good luck with your LO. BTW, we co slept until just recently so now my problem is getting her to stay in her crib.I have to wait until she's asleep to lay her in it and sometimes she cries to get in bed with me.I kind of wish I wouldn't have started co sleeping because it's a hard habit to break.


Tanaja - March 11

Ok so this is what I did, my dd is 9 months and I just got her to sleep through the night and boy was it a struggle. It basically will take you about a week or so to do this but you have got to be consistent and I mean REALLY consistent. I at first eliminated the feedings by rocking her whenever she woke up to eat. If that worked, great but if rocking didn't get her to sleep or stay asleep once I put her down then I would then let her cry in her crib for a while. I would rea__sure her every few minutes and then I would feed her. Some nights I would be up for 2-3 hours at a time with her. Yes I was exhausted and I wanted to just give up and feed her everytime she woke up to just let her go back to sleep but I knew that if I did then I would have just wasted all that time I had worked on trying her to sleep without a feeding. Then one night VIOLA I woke up at 7am and realized I hadn't gotten up at all during then night. 3 weeks later she is still sleeping through the night. Don't give up because sooner or later your lo will get it. Oh and I bf and do not co-sleep nor have I ever.


luviduvi - March 11

Well, I did the same thing with both of my children. First off, when a baby gets over eleven pounds they are allowed to sleep through the night w/o feeding. What I did is have a bedtime routine. What we did with our first was that she would get a bath then a ma__sage w/ lotion, we put her in a long sleeved onesie and then jammies, swaddled, then fed a ba-ba w/ cereal rocked to sleep and put between wedges. She was sleeping from 7:30 to 4 am at 3 mths. When she woke up, we fed her a bottle then at 4 mths, when she would wake up, we would leave her in the crib and reposition her (my babies slept on their sides, so we would swaped sides) put the binkie in her mouth (we may have to hold it there until she fell asleep) and off she went. She eventually became trained to not get up anymore. We do the same with our 5 mth old. Our ds has the same routine now. When he does wake up on occasion, we just reposition him and put the binkie in his mouth and off he goes. Babies get used to a certain pattern. If you feed them when they get up in the middle of the night, they are going to expect it. I do not believe in letting them cry it out. Even the guy who invented the Ferberizer method (his last name is Ferberizer) doesn't believe that theory anymore. What if something is wrong? They also believe that is can make children feel insecure as they get older. You have to have a routine and stick to it. And start small. If he wakes at 12, 2 and 5, then start with the 12 by getting him to sleep through that. Good Luck. Oh, btw, my ds won't sleep through the night unless he has a long sleeved onseie under his jammies. That tells me, he wakes b/c he's cold. You will catch on. Good Luck.


MM - March 11

My ds started sleeping through the night before he was 2 months old. One night he was crying & had just eaten less than half an hour earlier - I picked him & his crying stopped, arms dropped to the side - he was asleep... so we co-slept. I started putting him in the ba__sinet over a month ago (he is now 17 weeks) & he sleeps great. When he wakes up I bring him into bed for an hour or two of "cuddle sleep".


AshleyB - March 11

My son just turned 3 months and he's been sleeping about 7-9hours a night straight since about 2.5wks ago. We've had a good bedtime routine since he was just a couple weeks old, we have a bath around 730 and then I put lotion on and put on jammies with dim lighting, and then I give him a bottle (7oz with 1/2tbs of oatmeal cereal in it) He usually eats about 6oz of it. Sometimes more sometimes less, and then he usually falls asleep to the bottle when he's full. I rock him while he gets his bottle and the lights are off except for nightlites. So he knows it's sleepy time. He sleeps about 8hrs and gets up about 5 and I give him a bottle (usually around 4oz, then he goes back to sleep till about 7. He still gets up for a feeding but I still think it's pretty darn good. He didn't start this because of the cereal though, because when we first started it he was still getting up every 4 hours at night for the first few weeks. Anyway, the bedtime routine is really great for us. He's down every night by 8 usually. Good luck!


Kara H. - March 11

Are you giving him a pacifier? It might be worth it to start if you aren't. He is established enough now, it wouldn't hurt anything, you just would have one more thing to wean him from later. He *probably* doesn't really need the feeding, just likes the sucking and the socializing. I would try offering him a pacifier instead of milk when he wakes. Also, don't immediately pick him up - stroke his head, rub his back, whatever he likes. If he drifts back to sleep, then you know he wasn't really hungry. It may still end up with one feeding per night - but that will still mean a lot more sleep for you!


Kara H. - March 11

Oh here is another thought - If you occasionally bottle feed him BM, try giving him a bottle half BM half formula at bed time. That alone should eliminate (or at the very least, delay it an hour or so) the first night-time feeding since it takes longer to digest formula.


Pea Pod - March 12

I agree with Kara...we discovered that by feeding dd (now 7 weeks) a bottle of formula instead of b___stmilk right before bedtime allowed her to sleep longer. We used to have her in a ba__sinett by our bed and we started out at every 2-3 hours for a feeding. Every now and then we would give her a bottle of formula because some nights she would just act SO HUNGRY and like my milk wasn't doing enough and we noticed on those nights she would sleep longer. Eventually, she was only waking up once a night, and for the past 4 nights, she has slept about 10 hours! we have since moved her to her crib as she makes a lot of noise in her sleep that would keep us awake. We can still hear her from our room, but it is quieter and mostly we are only awakemed by crying, not her grunting noises. We're not very good about having a bed time routine, though. That is something i would like to start establishing.


Bonnie - March 12

I was always told it was more about size and weight than actual age, which makes sense. mason was a very large baby and slept through the night at 9 weeks old. However, he was 16 pounds and eating 32 ounces a day at that point. We actively trained him to sleep through a type of CIO method and this was all done based on the advice of both his pediatrician and GI specialist that he saw for tummy issues. It worked great but very hard to do.


Bonnie - March 12

Also, I have no experience in the matter but I have read several things that would agree with what Kara said. That formula fed babies can go longer without feeds. My son is formula fed so that may have contributed.


Perl - March 12

Starr, my big sister told me the same thing about co-sleeping. Her twins were still wanting to sleep with her and her husband at 4 years old!**TANAJA: I'll be trying what you said in a few more months--hopefully by then we'll be down to just one feeding per night so it will be easier to eliminate that feeding. ***Thanks Bonnie & Kara: I also noticed that when I have to go out for the evening and my dh gives our ds a bottle of formula that he will sleep longer on those nights. We tried the pacifier and he just gets so insulted with it and spits it out every time. It sounds like most of you have a set routine Ashley Luviduvi and Pea Pod. We have somewhat of a routine but it's my dh who has him at night so I can take a break for the night ahead and I know my dh is not consistent and has no routine even though I told him that is what is best. Lucky MM to have hers sleeping at 2 months already. I hope soon to be able to get him to sleep more this is just so disappointing what a challenge it's been that sometimes I feel like a complete failure as a mother. It doesn't help that he has acid reflux but sometimes it's so ridiculous the number of times he wakes up at night and how long he wants to stay awake. Thanks for the suggestions---please keep them coming!


J.J. - March 12

We also had success with formula. And I don't know if anyone else mentioned this, but we'd do a feeding 7:30 after the bath, then get him up at 10:30 p.m. for a final feeding. He'd barely be awake, but would down a bottle, then go til 6:30-7 a.m. I think we did until 6 months when he no longer needed the late nite feeding.


musicaladdie - March 12

Hi. My daughter is 2 months old and didn't start sleeping well at night until about a month ago. She had her days and nights mixed up. However now she sleeps almost all night and will wake up once or twice just to nurse and get fresh diaper. We do give her a bottle of formula before bedtime just because it's a little heavier. I play a lullaby cd next to her ba__sinet too and she will almost always fall right asleep for 4-6 hours straight.


musicaladdie - March 12

oh, also to answer your other question. other than the nighttime bottle, she is bf. She does not co-sleep. She has a ba__sinet in our room but we will be moving her to her crib in her room in the next month or so.


Kara H. - March 12

Oh! He has AR? That explains a lot! He is comfort eating to sooth his burning throat during the night! If he is not on AR Meds, talk to your doctor and get him on them. If he is on them, it doesn't sound like your drug/dosage is working for your son and ask for a switch. Anybody would wake up all night too if their throat was on fire. To get some improvement now while waiting to see the doctor, elevate the head of crib. Either put books under the front legs or if yours has those wheely things, but a sham off of your bed underneith the head end of his mattress - I believe it is supposed to be about 30 degrees. You will need to create a "nest" so he doesn't slide down. I use a bath towel rolled up and bent into a horse shoe shape under this mattress pad to create a little nest to keep him up on the incline. Bonnie is the house expert on AR so you should talk with her. She would be able to give you more info and a lot more tips than I can.



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