Whats A Bumbo

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Deirdra - January 25

ive seen alot of posts about it so what exactly is it??


Deb - January 25

It is a soft baby seat that helps the baby learn to sit upright. You can put your baby in it, and they can't get out (at least until they get quite a bit older). They are recommended for babies who can hold their head - about 4 months old. I love mine! Right now I am using it instead of a high chair. I just plunk it on the kitchen table to feed her. They are also very portable. We take ours to restaurants and sit her in it instead of a high chair. They are fairly expensive but you can get them second hand or on ebay. If you want to see one, go to w w w. bumboshop.com


Deirdra - January 25

see i would LOVE that my ds is 3 months and 2 weeks, and he has been able to hold his head up very good form about 2 months, and he can sit up on a boppy but he doesnt like it...just sucks they are expensive i can barely afford formula...shucks...oh well thanks for letting me know


krnj - January 25

My son loved that seat but wasn't in it very long. He would bend over backwards & try to throw himself out! lol


Deirdra - January 25

LMAO! well i think my mom and my gramma re gonna double team to get me one for ds, i showed my gramma and she loves the idea...so...maybe


krnj - January 25

If I wasn't pregnant again I'd send you mine! :)


vonzo - January 25

Deirda. i posted a similar question about a week ago. I knew what it was but couldn't remember the name :o) I went out and bought one after these loverly ladies told me what it was called and they are FANTASTIC!! I was putt off by the price at first but they are SOOOOOO worth it. I just cut back on my fortnightly shopping and saved enough. DD loves it too so i highly recommend them :o)


EMBERBABY - January 25

my lo loves hers too, she is 4 months and she has used it since she wwas almost 3 months. As long as she can hold her head up it should be ok. Deb that is a great idea, I never thought of taking mine with us to a restaurant


Deb - January 25

I got mine at Burlington Coat Factory for $35, if that helps :o)


Bonnie - January 25

They are great UNLESS you have a tall baby. Mason was 97th percentile for height and he tipped over too much in the Bumbo and hated it. I think if he were nto so tall it would have been different.


EMBERBABY - January 26

ohhhh I forgot to mention, my lo will poop 7 out of 10 times when she is in her bumbo..lol Tell me if you all notice the same with yours.


sahmof3 - January 26

Emberbaby...Ha! Mine always used their exersaucer for pooping. So funny!


EMBERBABY - January 26

sahmof3, isn't that funny? I guess they found themselves a relaxing spot lol.


Aimes - January 26

Krnnj-- my little girl does the same thing! She like throws her head back and arches her back to stand up almost. She's only 4 months, too! I have to really watch her in it.


Deirdra - January 27

Im SOO excited my bumbo is on its way!! yay!!!


Kara H. - January 27

Since you son is a little young, you may need to work up his time in it. He will be using muscles he doesn't normally use, so maybe just sit him in it five minutes or so the first few days, then increase his time in it. Max loved sitting up and seeing the world from a new angle, but he would act like his core muscles were really tired the rest of the day in the beginning. He would be a little floppy afterwards. But now his trunk muscles are really strong from all the bumbo workouts!


Lisastar9 - January 27

I really sofiacated toilet lol. J/k



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