Whats Better Closer Or Farther Away In Age POLL

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ry - February 27

So, sort of a spinoff from my want a baby post. What are the pros and cons of having children close in age or farther apart? What do you personally feel is better or what worked-or didnt work for you? :)


CyndiG - February 27

My girls are 8 years and 20 days apart, lol! I love it this way. The pros are, I get to "baby" each one. Morgan (8) got all my attention until Carlie (7 months) came along. And even now, Carlie is small enough that I can still give Morgan that one on one attention. Morgan is my baby, and so is Carlie! When they are older, I know they will be the best of friends. Carlie already ADORES Morgan, and vice versa. I believe Morgan is old enough that we won't have the typical sibling rivalry. And last but not least, financially, it's so much better! Let's face it, proms, cla__srings, cars, college...they all cost alot. I will have all of that spread out with 8 years between. When Morgan is in college and moved out, I'll still have Carlie at home waiting her turn. It's just really been a good thing for our family and I'm so happy it worked out that way.


CyndiG - February 27

I forgot the cons. The only con is, I had to wait 8 long years to hold my sweet sweet Carlie in my arms! :O}


KLC - February 27

My oldest two are 13 months to the day apart. The pro is that they are best friends and they always have each other to talk to and play with. The con is that I wish I would have had more 1 on 1 time with each of them but I adjusted and so did they. I personally prefer it this way.


sahmof3 - February 27

My older two are 3 1/2 years apart and my younger two are 17 months apart. The pros to having a litle more spacing is that when Leah came along, I could line up drinks and snacks in the fridge/counter and Nathan could get them himself if I needed him to. He could also run and get me a diaper or other small things I might need. And when Leah was sleeping I could have 1 on 1 time with Nathan. When Justin came along there was just not much time to have 1 on 1 time with any of them, but they had each other to play with and they seem to like it. Nathan and Leah were best buds when Justin was a baby... in fact they didn't even seem to realize they had a baby brother when the initial novelty wore off LOL, but when he got old enough to run around and play WITH them he became a real part of the family to them ;-) Now Justin and Leah play together pretty well, especially when Nathan is in school.


shelly - February 27

my eldest ds archie is 10 and my youngest frankie is 7 months and its been great, archie hasnt been jealous and has been a really big help to me. he does his own thing now and loves to hold the baby so i found it really easy. the cons are that i had forgotten everything and it was like being a new mum again altho it all came back to me. id like another when frankie is about 18 months and i think that will be a totally different story tho lol.


ssmith - February 27

I can't speak from experience because I only have one child....but personally, I would rather have a larger age gap between siblings, rather than a smaller age gap. My ideal situation would be about 3 years. I love the one on one time that I have been able to give my daughter, and I feel that 1 : 1 time is so important. I don't feel that I could spend as much quality time with each child if they were too close in age. I wouldn't want the older child to feel left out or neglected in any way and I never really understood the amount of time that b___stfeeding takes!! I think I literally sat on my couch all day long for the first 4 months of my dd life! There's no way that's fair to the first child, unless they are old enough to understand & be more self-sufficient & independent. I can't really think of any cons to siblings being farther apart in age....except that it will probably be REALLY hard for me to wait that long!! Although, it will probably take me 3 years to convince DH to want to have another.....LOL and *sniff*


Brittany - February 27

My kids are 19 months apart and I LOVE how close they are, it's like they need eachother. My son always runs to his sisters room and yells BABY and they play with toys. She loves him so much too, she smiles and laughs at him. They can protect eachother and will pretty much be in the same elementary school then middle school then high school together (but not in the same grade). The cons in my opinion of having them close in age are they grow up all together and leave the house sooo soon. It's like their childhood goes faster than if you would space their ages apart. I have sisters who are like 17 years younger than me and my dad loves how he still has children around to believe in santa claus. But I don't feel close to my sisters what so ever. I feel bad but it's just weird to be around them...I hope I don't sound mean. It is great how they can look up to me though. In my opinion though, I love having my kids closer together. We'll wait another few years to have our next so I'll still get to hold another baby haha and use my kids old baby clothes that are all packed up!! I cry everytime I have to pack something away.


bradylove - February 27

My two are 20 months apart and I love it that way. My youngest is 9 months so they are really starting to play well together. The lo really looks up to his big brother and tries to copy everything he does (could be good or bad depending on what it is!). The con is that they both need you so much that it's hard to give one-on-one time at first, but it doesn't take much time for everyone to adjust. In fact, I like having them so close so much that we are already trying to have another. If I get pg this month, the two youngest will be 18 months apart.



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