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Shelly - January 4

This morning while I was feeding Jesse he fell a sleep in the crook of my arm,the moment he fell a sleep his right hand started shaking/trembling and then it went to his upper body,I woke him up right away and it was gone.He has been fine ever since.He did this one time before about 2 weeks ago.It didn't seem to bother him but it is scaring the h__l out of me.Any idea what this is....is it beginning of seizures? I don't know.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 4

All I can think of is it is an involuntary muscle spasm. Sometimes lucas's lower lip still quivers like it di as a newborn. I would call the nurse line and ask, but my docs never think anything is wrong. It would definitely freak me out though! I hope he is just fine!


monica - January 4

I agree with Rachael involuntary spasm...I would definetly call the advice nurce.


newmom - January 4

O my god..i won't blame you i would freakout too if i was in your place..Pls call a doc and findout if it's normal just to be sure..best of luck and pls post about it later..


Jen - January 4

I agree, you should have it checked out, but my son does the same thing and the doctor says it is because his nervous system is not yet fully developed- he is 4 weeks old. Anyway, just check it out for your own piece of mind.


Dawn C - January 4

Let us know. Sometimes my lil guys foot and lower leg will do that. Im curious


Shelly - January 4

Dawn C,Jesse is almost 5 months,but when he was a couple weeks old he did the same thing you are talking about,it looked like how a cat shakes its leg when its wet,I went to our doc for that and it happens more often on newborns,it is b/c of their nervous system being immature,at least I know the answer tp your question.Now this I really don't know,he is fine,and like I said he did it about 2 weeks ago,I thought it was an involuntary muscle spasm too,but now I have my doubts.I will call the doc tomorrow and see what they think.I will let you ladies know,....I was just hoping to have more similar experiences but I guess not.



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