Whe Is A REASONABLE Time To Completely Stop The Bottle

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eclectic66 - July 7

I was just curious about what age is it REASONABLY expected to have your baby completely OFF the bottle and soley using a sippy cup?? And I emphasize reasonably because I don't want to hear from those that have their babies already potty trained, running marathons and already inventing the cure for cancer...lol My ds is NOT one of those kids that started holding his own bottle at 2 weeks old...lol In fact he is 11.5 months and still doesn't so I just want to make sure that the input I get is from those that might have babies that are similiar to this and when a good time is to attempt the transition. So far, he still thinks his sippy cup is a toy and just bangs it all over the place and I am not about trying to push him into anything he isn't ready to do. I just offer him the cup at each meal...will show him how to use it and then hand it back to him. What he does with it after that is all him :-) Thank you ladies :-)


mlm056 - July 7

hey there, I love your att_tude! I would post your question on the toddler forum.. I think you will get a lot of feedback there. Our sons are very similar -- DS doesn't care for holding his bottle, throws his sippy cup everywhere... he will pick up and drink from his cup that has a straw in it. I would suggest one of those. My ped told me to continue to introduce the sippy cup at meals and throughout the day and to aim to have the bottle removed by 18 months. DS gets 3 bottles a day -- I always try to give the middle one in a sippy -- Some babies are quick to transition to the cup and others aren't. I have to laugh at your post because my friend's 8.5 mth old is potty trained and sipping beautifully from the sippy! Each baby is on their own track and curve.


mjvdec01 - July 7

It is recommened that you get rid of the bottle and binky by 18 months. After that they become more of a habbit than a necessity and thus harder to get rid of. No one wants to be battling their 3 year old over bottle and binky dependency. A girlfriend of mine went through that an it was awful for the whole family. We go our daughter off the bottle completely at about 14 months and off the binky entirely by about 13 months or so. I will be 38 weeks on thursday and 'plan' on doing the same with this baby as well, but each situation is different, so we will see.


eclectic66 - July 7

Ty ladies. Mlm056- I took your advice and also posted this on the toddler forums. Guess I keep forgetting that ds is about to be at the age where I need to start asking these types of questions there. I am comforted to know that you too have a lo that isn't already writing his thesis for his Masters Degree before the age of 12 months...lol I just can't help to sound so sarcastic sometimes when I read all these stories about babies doing what seems like the most amazing tasks at such young ages over and over again...lol I am sure that by most standards these things are not amazing feats and perhaps average, but geez..... LOL I am glad to know that I still have approx 6.5 months left for him to lose the bottle (and binky). Until then I will continue to do what I have been doing. And OMG!! Potty trained by 8.5 months?? WOW!! Give that kid a blue ribbon for achievement! Mjvdec01- Ty :-) And congratz on your soon to be new arrival :-) If you don't mind my asking....what types of tricks did you use to help your lo lose the binky by 13 months?


mjvdec01 - July 7

At about 10 months we took the binky away during the day, except for in the car and naps and bedtime. Instead we made sure she always had a teether of some sort to chew on. Then at about 11 months we took it away in the car. Then at 12 months we took it away at naptime, after that we took it away entirely at bedtime too. We didn't make a big deal over it, and just re directed her attention to something else if she started to fuss. If you start early enough, with the mind set that the child doesn't NEED it, it makes things a lot easier. That is not to say she didn't fuss, she did. We just handled it differently than we would have if she were younger and really did need it. I don't remember there being any nights or naps that were awful. I'm sure she fussed a bit over it, but nothing memorable. Good luck with your little man. If you make it to be a big deal, he will feed off of that and react.


docbytch - July 8

Hey there. One thing you could also try doing is give him the sippy when you know him to be good and hungry. My boy gets a sippy about 2-3x/day. Nightime babas, before bedtime or naptime babas are still...well...babas. He gets a sippy when I know he's hungry. His highchair reclines pretty well....so he can tip it back easier. Funny....he never used to bang it around...but then I used to hang over him in paranoia of choking etc. Now that I just give it to him....he drinks it....but bangs it around...drops it.....fusses when he drops it....and I have to give it back. He can get most of the stuff out of it. I myself don't believe in juice in bottles too much....and I know the taste of water sure as heck won't motivate him to drink out of it. So he gets about half his total formula feedings of the day from the sippy. Nuby is okay....but some of their spouts are hard to drink from. I've been using the Playtex Sipsters. Stage 1....and am just switching to stage 2. It's gonna be a while before he can use a normal cup I'm sure. Definitely give it to him when he's really hungry. i bet he will get it pretty fast if you give the formula that way. mlm056....PLZ tell me that 8.5 month old is a girl?? Potty trained??? Ya gotta be kidding me!


MNMOM - July 8

12 months is the goal, but I would say you have until 14 months. We went cold turkey with both our boys at 12 months. It seemed less cruel than weaning them from it which I don't think babies can understand. We had to try a few sippy cups to find one he will drink from, we ended up using the NUBY brand that has a softer silicone type spout on it as he doesn't like the hard plastic type spouts.


mlm056 - July 8

HI! Yes, indeed, the 8.5 month potty trained baby is a girl -- I saw it with my own eyes -- it was unbelievable! Long story made short.. the Mom did a 'no diaper' approach --yes, I know.. sounds crazy... but no diapers during the day or at nap time-- she taught her 2 signs and would make a noise as she placed her over the sink/tub etch (icky I know!) now at 8.5 months, the baby makes the hand signs and Mom puts her on a potty. I was speechless! She lives in my neighbourhood and I asked her to see it in action because I was skeptical. She belongs to a holistic group -- while visiting her, another of the holistic Moms was there with her 11 month old... this baby actually walked over to the potty, banged on it and made the sign.. the Mom pulled down HIS (yes, a little boy) pants and placed him on the potty! She told me she travels with a 'travel potty' by Bjorn. Anyways, it's the honest truth, seen first hand. I hold my DH --he claims the parents are pottytrained not the baby --lol! We will be waiting until DS approaches 2.


eclectic66 - July 8

OMG!!!! That is freaking amazing!!!! I would love to see that! I guess that takes some serious time investment that I know I just don't have and my hat goes off to any mom that can pull that off (with enough time or not...lol) Haha...I like the comment that your husband says it is ;-) Ya, I definetly think we will be waiting until around the 2 year mark as well ;-) As far as the sippy cup issue goes....I am not sure I could attempt the cold turkey method until I know that he knows what to do with it. I have a sippy with a straw and the Nuby with the handles and the soft spout...he seems a bit more interested in the straw one, but it's still just too soon to tell with him. I will also try the idea of letting him be good and hungry when offering it to him.



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