When And How To Wean Off Pacifier

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ImpatientMommy - February 20

When is the best time to wean your little one off of pacifiers? Right now my almost 8 month old only has it when she goes to sleep, for both naps and nighttime. She still wakes up looking for it in the middle of the night maybe 2 times and I just pop it back in and she goes right back to sleep without hesitation so I can't imagine not using one at all. She'd wake up and if I didn't put it in she'd start crying I'm sure. I figured 8 months is too young to really worry about it anyway and I figured I was a little ahead of the game anyway because she only uses it at night and never during the day (except if she's being really cranky in church I'll give it to her but that doesn't even happen EVERY week that we go). When did you find your little one didn't need it during the night anymore? And how did you get it to stop all together?


wailing - February 20

I've heard alot of different answers but I think ur fine for now since she only uses it at nite. It's when they need it ALL the time that it's bad. As for teeth. The pedi told us that we didn't need to worry about ds's thumbsucking affecting his teeth for a while. he only does it at nite too. But, she says it doesn't really affect jaw alignment or teeth structure for a few yrs.


cubbie - February 21

I can't help you with the paci issue, since mine weaned herself off it at 4 months, but I can tell you that I sucked my thumb until I was 7 (and stopped because my grandfather told me that if I don't suck for a week he'll give me money and if I ever suck my thumb again I have to give him back the money!) and I never had buck teeth or any problems with them.


GloriaD - February 21

With ds I went cold turkey and I think its harder for us than for them! He is now 7 and all is well but for about 10 days he was not happy. I took it away when he was 8 months old. I figured the longer I went the harder it would be. Dr. told me that at that time they don't need to have it, it was just a habit. I don't offer it during the night since dd5months is in her own room, I'd have way too many laps to her room. She takes it to fall asleep, probably like your lo. When she gets a little older I'll just throw them away. I figure why draw it out, I like to get it over. They will develop other habits to fall asleep and stay asleep. I also have a daughter who's 5 and she never took a paci, but she did and still does suck her thumb. Its awful, you just can't take it away like a paci! Her teeth aren't too bad but sometimes she gets a rash around her mouth from the drool. I think I'm gonna go with cubbie's advice and bribe her! Maybe you could try at night and see if she'll settle herself down without it??? The more often you try maybe she'll get tired and just go back to sleep? Good luck, I hope it goes well!


ImpatientMommy - February 21

I'm so torn. Part of me thinks it's not a big deal because she only uses it to go to sleep during naps and bedtime, NEVER during the day. Then part of me wants to get her off of it completely because I feel like it's the right thing to do but I just can't imagine her falling asleep with out it. I tried putting her down for a nap today without it and it wasn't fun haha she was definitely looking for it and wouldn't calm down she was crying and getting very upset and then I gave it to her and she seriously closed her eyes right away and went to sleep. It's seriously like a switch with her. And it's not to big of a problem to me with her waking up for a few seconds looking for it twice a night or so. For the most part she sleeps perfectly fine. But I still feel like it'd be better to get her off it now than later...


ImpatientMommy - February 21

Oh I forgot to mention that I also feel like an 8 month old still has a desire to suck... I feel like as long as she has it ONLY at nap time and bed time that it'd be okay until she was a little older and she would understand that we're going to give them away to the other babies who need them haha or some silly story like that.


momtbc - February 21

I think that she'll be okay for now to continue to use it. I've had a variance as to how long each one of my kids used it and how we got rid of them. My oldest just stopped using it at 2 months. My second used his ALL the time until 12 months, then at 12 months we told him he had to leave it in the crib and he could only use it in the crib. Then we took a trip and he had an ear infection and I gave in and let him use it throughout the whole trip at 21 months. Then, at 22 months, my husband took him in the bathroom and told him he was flushing it down the toilet. He pretended to put it in and flush it away. My son walked out of the bathroom and said, "mommy, daddy flush my pac." And he never mentioned it again. I don't recommend doing that! But, it worked. My third figured out how to get it in and out of his mouth and at 9 months, after finding it on the floor every morning, I just stopped giving it to him and he didn't care. With Samantha I only give her hers when she is going down for a nap or bedtime (unless she is miserable and it's the only thing to soothe her). She takes it out once I lay her down and I always find her playing with it in the morning, not sucking it. I think that if you have already limited it to bedtime use only, you will find she will wean herself off of it soon. Once she figures out how to get it in and out on her own I don't think it will be long before she doesn't need it any more.


ImpatientMommy - February 21

Well I talked to my husband about it when he got home from work. I had been thinking about it all day going back and forth and he said he doesn't think it's time to wean her and he said the same thing about how as long as she only has it at naptime and bedtime he doesn't see what's wrong with it, he thinks it's more of a problem when they need to have it all day long and I agree with him. Plus, Josephine isn't one of those babies who "hardly fusses during teething." Teething is REEEAAALLLLY bothering her, always has. And I think it wouldn't be fair to take something away that soothes her at night because the teething is what wakes her up, I'm almost sure of it. I feel like if she was waking up for the pacifier she'd be waking up more than once or twice a night. I feel like if you haven't done it by now it'd be hard to do until they can understand a little story like you said.



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