When Are You Going To Start Potty Training

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ry - March 4

My dd's first birthday is coming up and I was thinking of buying her a potty. She can't walk yet and while I wouldn't really expect her to start right now I thought it couldn't hurt to start putting her little bum on there from time to time. Any thoughts on this?


Smilefull - March 4

Hey ry--thinks its a smart idea getting them accustomed so it's not so foreign, I think the text book answer is 18 months, or when they show signs of readiness---can tell you they need to go, show interest in toilet and what you're doing..stuff like that?


ry - March 4

Yeah makes sense. I just kind of figured that she since will keep doing something if I clap for her and yell "yay!" and since she decides to pee the minute I get her diaper off - I will put her little b___t on the toilet and give her huge applause when she pees. lol, if it only were that simple though..


Heather F - March 4

I bought my 1 year old a potty when she was 8 months old! I put in the bathroom so she could get used to it being there and I put her on it before she takes a bath, I dont expect her to pee but I want to to be a part of our daily routine that she sits on the potty.


Bonnie - March 4

Well...what the heck do you do for a boy??? I am totally clueless on this one, lol. I a__sume they sit and "tuck"??


Danielle19 - March 4

Bonnie, i was thinking about that the other day, i think im just going to teach jordan to sit down first, and after hes potty trained let dad take over and teach him to stand, i figure if i teach him to sit first im going to save myself alot of cleaning up!!


BriannasMummy - March 5

My best friend has 3 boys and that is exactly what she did... she taught them to sit and use the potty that way first, and then to do the standing thing with their dad. Most potties come with a guard for little boys, so that pee doesnt end up here there and everywhere. I started potty training at 18 months with my dd she was totally trained (including staying dry overnight) by her second birthday. I was big on celebrating every single drop that went in that potty. It was so funny because we got so used to celebrating her pees she started celebrating mine!!! Good luck with potty training! ~Kristin~


Heather F - March 5

Bonnie - we always taught the boys at our preschool to sit and push their p___s down - most boys are capable of this very early - or we would use our own hand to use their hand to push the p___s down (after a while they would want to do it on their own).


Rabbits07 - March 5

Every potty I've ever had always had the pee-guard for boys. You do sometimes have to work with them to show them to tuck it as sometimes it still ends up draped over the top when they sit down! LOL. I'm not going to start with Mason until age 2, but I don't see anything wrong with getting your dd familiar with the potty this early.


Emily - March 5

We did something simaler with my now two and half year old. When she was about 15 mos we introduced the idea to her. Let her sit on it every once in a while. We didn’t push it. We just let it go. tBy the time she was 18 mos she sat on it more regularly but we didn't push it, let her if she wanted to. When she was two we would explain to her it would be easeir on her if she would potty in the big potty instead of the diaper cause she would be dry all the time. (Especially durring a poopy diaper change cause she complained it hurt when we wiped all the gunt up….) We still didn’ push it hard though. We had a new born and sometimes I felt it was just easier to change her diaper than worry about finding a bathroom when we were out….I know lazy on my part. For Christmas when she was a little over two we got her some underwear. We explianed that she could wea them when she used the potty. One day in Janurary she said she wanted to wear them. So we put thm on he and sat the potty seat in the living room. She ran aroudn in just her undies all day and used the potty when she needed to. She even gtold my mom once(my mom watches the girls while I work) that she needed to go but couldn’t cause ther was poopy in it… (she had gone and not told her….which resulted in new unerwear and a a baby wipe….but she still used the potty) She told me at lunch that she wasn't going to wear diapers anymore. And she hasn't. She even refused to wear them to bed. We finally talked her into pull ups though as she wasn't always waking up in time in the night to go potty (but did do so more often then I expected…..) she now only wears underwear durring the day and pull ups at night. Every once in a blue moon she will wet herself but only when she is overly engaged in something and does take the time to stop to go potty. I try to stay ahead of the game by watching if she starts to dance around or to remind her to go if it has been awhile….even still I do not force her to sit on the potty (if she refuses once I aske agaia nd remind her we don’t want to have an accident, if she responds that she wont and still doesn't want to I let it go and have never had a accident as a result of that…..) I have been very lucky,. She pretty much did it herself with a little encouragement from us. I just hope her sister is as easy when the time comes….I say as long as you don’t push it, it can never hurt to introduce the idea…..


Emily - March 5

Oh yes and we also gave a lot of praise everytime she did use the potty. She also started getting excited for us when we did it…..now she is so smart. When she was done using the toliet one day, she put the seat up and said, Daddy a boy. Then she out it down and said, I a girl! One day on a long car irde with no bathrooms she told me she had to go. We were about 5 mintues from home so I asked if she could wait or if I needed to stop. I explained that there were no potties and I would have to hold her up off the ground, and she said, "Silly mommy, I not a boy!" Needless to say she waited till we made it back to civilization…..


KLC - March 5

You know I never even thought about potty training for any of my older kids until they were about 2. I may just try this approach Ry. Can't hurt!!


sahmof3 - March 5

I put the potty chair in the bathroom at 18 months with all of mine, but there were no takers at that age lol. My son was trained just a little after age 3... and my dd was 2 1/2, did it for a few weeks and then stopped (ggrrr!), but a few weeks shy of 3 she decided to once again be trained and has been ever since. My youngest will be 20 months on Wed. and has yet to give the potty chair even a glance. We have a pee guard for him, too, like we did with my oldest son. I was considering trying to just train him standing, but I don't know if that will work. When my older son trained he was good at sitting and peeing, but then it was a whole other struggle to teach him to stand and aim.... like double potty-training!! We'll see.... I'm just glad the end is in sight... in 1- 1 1/2 years we are DONE W/ DIAPERS FOREVER :-) :-) :-)



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