When Can I Give Her Meat

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Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 23

When can I start meat that is baby food? Like the turkey or beef or whatever? I am hoping that I can start this. I am gettin tired of greenbeans and sweet potatoes.


desiree - December 23

Hello!! Keston is 9 months and I still haven't started meat...only today I bought a Chicken baby food with veggies. He refuses any mush except cereal and sweet potatoes, but he LOVES finger food. I can get him to eat most any baby food spread on toast! I read last night that chicken and turkey are the best foods to start with. She is 7 months yes? I'm sure you could try it.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 23

Yes she is 7 months. She loves sweet potatoes! She doesnt really like any fruits but all veggies except carrots. I bought green beans and turkey but am very hesitant to give it to her. We have her on stage 3 veggies and this jar of turkey is stage 2.


momma - December 24

i was told that you can start simple dinners (a fruit or veggie and a meat) at 6 months and the dinners like veggie bacon or chicken noodle at 8 months


C - December 24

I started my son at 7 months with the meat in the jar. I mix it with either carrots or sweet potatoes. Otherwise, he's not too crazy about it. I also started giving him whole milk baby yogurt which he loves. I wanted to try tofu soon because the meat in the jar seems so gross to me. Not to sound too dumb but how do you feed them toast? Do you cut it into strips or little pieces?


desiree - December 24

Not dumb at all!!! I read it on a site..I just lightly toast the 100% whole wheat bread, then spread baby food on it and cut it into little cubes. The taste possibilities are endless especially because he REFUSES to eat it off a spoon!


Narcissus - December 25

Hi C, be careful with white toast bc it can turn into a big glob in his mouth and become hard to swallow. Refined flour is known to do so. Aja has tried tofu twice and loves it!! We crumble it and put it on his high chair.


Ashley - December 25

I started giving my daughter meat last month, she's 8 months. The store bought looks gross to me so I've been making it myself. I just make sure to puree it well in the blender. I also added some sweet potato and a potato because the meat on its own was so dry. She loves it!


Toya - December 25

I was told my pediatrician that the pediatric guidelines were 9 months...but he said I can start her at 8 months if I'd like...that's what I plan on doing.



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