When Can I Start My Child On Cheerios

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ash2 - January 14

My DS is 7.5 months . He has just got his 2 bottom teeth. When can i start him on things like cheerios ? He has been eating table food for about 1 month now...im just afraid he will choke and i dont remember when i started to let my oldest DS eat them..thanks !


krnj - January 14

I started my son on them at 7 months. I still break them in half because I'm paranoid about choking! My son did fine on them at that age. (he's 10 months now)


Nerdy Girl - January 14

I think you can start. I once heard that cheerios are the perfect starter food because they have the hole in them and kids can't choke. (I know that in reality kids can choke on a cheerio, but I thought that theory was pretty cute)


rukidding? - January 14

i'd think if he has been eating good for a month now with table foods he is ready. go for it! he will like it. ;) good day!


ashtynsmom - January 15

Yes, he is ready!! He will love it! My dd stared at about 6.5 mos- after she mastered the puffs.


rl- - January 15

well I always heard cherrios were ok whole cause they have the hole in the middle so the baby could not choke and I think your ds is ready ( :


sahmof3 - January 15

Mine were about 6-7 months. My oldest gagged on them at first... as with anything new lol... but never actually choked. The other two did just fine.


Rabbits07 - January 15

Nerdy Girl, actually a child can't choke to death on a Cheerio (they may gag but they can't choke to death). The full diameter of a Cheerio is only about 1/2 an inch...even if the entire thing lodged in the throat the child couldn't choke due to the whole in the middle (air would still be able to get through). The solid part of a Cheerio is maybe 1/2 mm wide if that much...not big enough to block a child's airway. If the child has more than one lodged in the throat I guess that would be a different story, but they really can't choke to death on one Cheerio.



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