When Can They Have Corn

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LisaB - February 1

Just wondering


Rabbits07 - February 1

I read that they shouldn't have corn until after the 8 month mark because it is so high on fiber that it can be hard for them to digest when younger than that. Mason is 10 months now and I give him jarred baby food corn, but not whole kernel....it's just got such a tough hull it is one of the things that I worry about him choking on.


Erin1979 - February 1

I gave my dd corn ca__serole baby food at about 8 months, and she was totally fine (actually she loved it!). Gerber makes the freeze dried kernal corn snacks, which just dissolve. I started giving her those at about 12 months, and kernal corn we gave her at about 13 months. DD loves it!! Good Luck!


jb - February 1

I have been giving my dd regular corn for about a month now. She will be a year on Feb. 11th. I have not had any problems with her digesting it. Just like us, it comes out looking the same way it did going in!!!! lol!!!!


ash2 - February 1

I give it maybe once a week to DS. He is 8 months. Dont give too much because it could cause loose stool.


kellens mom - February 2

I have been giving dd 5 to 10 kernels each time we have corn since she was 8 months old. We don't over do it. She enjoys feeding herself (which probably means that she only gets 3 to 7 pieces in her mouth! The rest is on the floor or tucked in the corner of her highchair. That's my girl...)


Emily - February 2

Marcy got some corn for the first time last week. she is 7 months and it was completely by accident. I was cooking supper and gave ehr a cracker to chew on. Mary was stanidng on her stool next to Marcy in her highchair. I had corn on along with burgers and fris in the oven. I turn around to take a plate fomt eh dishwasher (Litterly like 5 seconds) and Mary put a hanful of corn on Marcy's tray. Marcy by the way loved it. She wont be getting it often though.....ha, ha,. Gotta watch Mary......the other day she tried to give a Dora doll she got for Christmas a bath.......



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