When Can You Face The Car Seat Forward

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Mrs.Ireland - March 17

I was in the pedi's office the other day and saw a poster up saying 20 lbs or 1 year. My dd is 8 months and 19 lbs, so does that mean I can face her forward in 1 lbs? :-)


Cerulean - March 17

I always understood it to be atleast 20 lbs AND 1 year. But I might be wrong. I've read that some people keep them facing backwards longer than the minimum because it's safer.


JessC531 - March 17

I agree with Cer. Regardless of their size, their necks aren't strong enough to handle a crash facing forwards until they're a year. Better safe than sorry!


Mrs.Ireland - March 17

Well that's what I thought, thanks for your opinions -)


meg - March 17

My ds is 18 months & 24 lbs & I still have him rear facing. Technically it's ok to turn them around at 1 year & 20 lbs, but I've read so much that I'm determined to keep him rear facing for as long as possible. He's 34 inches, & I know that he's probably not the most comfortable, but we don't travel any long distances, & he seems perfectly content.


jenna32 - March 18

small babies, dd is 3 and a half months and about 17-18 lbs lol.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 18

Jenna32-that is so cute lol my daughter was born small and is almost 7 months and 17lbs. If I have a boy (I'm 14w 1d pregnant) I hope he is chunky. I won't face her forward til she is 1, but not in a hurry for that, maybe wait a week or 2


britt_m - March 18

I plan on leaving my dd rear facing until she meets the maximum weight and height recommendations. I read about a child whom was almost 4 years and still rear facing. Have you ever watched a toddler play, they'll just plop down and their legs can be all squished and it doesn't bother them. If you read up on it, since they're really limber and flexable it doesn't bother them. I don't remember where I'd seen the video, but it showed a 2ish year old dummie sitting forward and what happens to them when the car crashes and then sitting rear-facing. I was completely shocked, and will not have my baby sitting forward for as long as possible. Even at 2 their necks are still too weak to take on all that force. Have you ever experienced whip-lash? Just think how much stronger you are than your little one. Since my dd is on the smaller side, that could be until she's 4, haha!


Buffi R. - March 24

I agree, 20 lbs & 1 year old. If your DD outgrows the weight limit for your rear-facing car seat (like if you use a snap-in carrier), you can get a convertable car seat that installs facing backwards, then switches to facing frontwards later on. A little expensive, but you don't want too heavy a baby in an infant-only car seat either. We had to do this with our son when he reached 20lbs before 1 year old.



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