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jeni23 - October 28

When did you resume your menstration after your bundle of joy??I still havnt and im wondering if its normal


jeni23 - October 28

btw my little one is 4 months old


squished - October 28

My first pp period was at 14 weeks and has been on and off ever since. It depends on if you are bf and when you stopped...if you have. I don't think that I would worry yet, especially if you are bf'ing.


suze42 - October 28

i did not bf and mine was 10wks.


sfrog68 - October 28

I bf for 2 wks and had to quit and mine started right at 6 weeks.


MNMOM - October 28

I b___stfed for 6 months but didn't get a period until 10 months


britt_m - October 28

I bf exclusively and I started just over 3 months.


mommybabyboy21 - October 28

I just got mine today and my little one is 19 weeks old or 4 months. I both bf and ff.


jls - October 28

I didn't b___stfeed and I got my first one 3 months after my daughter was born. Then I skipped a month, but it has been normal since. Btw my daughter is 6 months old.


ImpatientMommy - October 28

My daughter was 17 weeks old when I first got it.


DDT - October 28

I was 5 months pp when I got my 1st period. BTW I BF till my ds was 6wks.


sahmof3 - October 29

With my odest I bf and got it back as soon as I started the tiniest bit of rice cereal... at about 4 months. After my 2nd baby I never got a period, but got pregnant when she was 8 months (and still being b___stfed, but she was also eating baby food and some solids by then). After my 3rd was born I didn't get a period back until 10 month pp (he was still being bf, but also eating baby food and solids).


iemc19 - October 29

My ds is 7months now - almost 8 and I still haven't had one - I'm down to bedtime - middle of the night feeds and maybe one through the day...I expect to not have one until 10 months or so - thats how it was with my other 3 kids....Shock to the system when it does come back!!!


DB - October 29

My dd has been weaned for close to one month and nothing yet...she's 9 months on Wed. We were also down to only 2-3 feeding prior to being weaned. I have fertility issues so I'm guessing I'm not gonna get one anytime soon!


raeshawn - November 1

I got my period on exactly the 6 week of having my daughter. I had her on a saturday and 6 weeks later on that saturday I got it. I do not bf.


Bellas Mom - November 1

I exclusively bf my dd and got mine at 11 months, then at 12 mo I got pregnant again with my ds who is 6 wks today and no period, and hopefully it'll take just as long this time... Ask your mom... they say it's hereditary, just like the stretch marks :o)



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