When Did You Get Your Cycles Back

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Debi - June 11

Hi, this is my 4th baby and I am 4 months pp and still no period. I am not nursing and never had. I can't say I remember specifically when I got it with my others but I know it was before 4 months (and no, I am NOT preggers again!!) I actually did take a home test last month to see if I still had any hormones left and that was neg. On my last visit to the doctor he offered to give me Provera to bring it on but I declined feeling like it would be coming any day (not) Anyway, I did get the script and began taking it yesterday, so I should get it in the next few weeks. I have fibroids so my periods are rough anyway, but considering I haven't had a "real" cycle since Jan. 2005 (I was preg and m/c and got preg again right away) this should be a doozy and I will be going back to work in a month and wanted to get the first one over with. Anyway, when did you all get back on track or haven't you yet? Thanks for the info..


luvmyboys - June 11

I am 9 weeks pp and no sign of the first one yet. With my other kids I just went back on birth control and that's what brought on the first period but I'm not going on it this time so I have no idea how long it will take. Still waiting! And hoping that I'm not pregnant again!


Kel - June 11

I'm 11 weeks ppd and no sign her of yet. Like you haven't had one in forever. I got preggers in January 2005, had a m/c and never got my period after that. Doc had to chemically start it and I got pregnant on that one in July so I've had one period since January 2005. I'm glad I still have some pain meds from my c-section :-)


Debi - June 11

Kel, I know this is going to suck, but I'd rather know when it's coming that's why I'm taking the meds now. I'm NOT looking forward to it, but I'd rather have it while I'm still home and not at work. Did you take meds to bring yours on after the m/c and if so how long after you took them did it come? I'm on a 10 day course of Provera. I did this once, when my grandmother pa__sed away I skipped like 4 months (stress) so the doctor gave it to me to get me back on track, but I don't rememer how long after I stopped taking them that I got my period. I still have pain meds too from c-section, I may need to break them out. I already have a ma__sive backache :(


jilly01 - June 11

see i was back on track right away! its creepy cause i will be getting my third baby born in early march...i was just thinking that i got my period this time this week last year and got perggers....wow now thats regular


Madys mommy - June 11

This is my story but I formula fed my first two babies and now I am b___stfeeding my third. With the first two I got my period from about 6-8 weeks, right on schedule. now with my third child because i am b___stfeeding Iam not exactly sure what to expect. My daughter is 5months old and i still haven't received a period...i am not even sure if this is normal or not. I would think if your not nursing you should have had it at least 3 months after baby...good luck and let us know what the prob is


ChannY - June 12

Truthfully...last time I've had my real period is in the year of 2004...had my dd april 05 and i nursed her for 3 and a half months...and now..its been 23 months i havent had it...it's so weird. UGH> If I want to have another baby I need it! Right?? I mean..I gotta. But now my family doctor put me on Alesse 28 to bring it on..Hopefully it works..ugh I gets soo frustrated..


joeysmom - June 12

I am nursing my son, and I had my period seven weeks after having him so I am pretty sure that it just comes when it wants b/c everyone told me I would not have it while I was nursing.


ashtynsmom - June 13

I b___stfed for 8 weeks, and my first period came back at 10 wks pp. I am still not regular and my daughter is almost 5 mos. I am on the pill to regulate, but that still hasnt' straightened me completely out.


kaitlin - June 13

My ds is 6 mos and I still do not have mine. I am exclusively b___stfeeding and only recently introduced solids (cereal) so I'm not sure how long it will be.



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