When Did You Have Your 2nd Lo

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DDT - March 25

I am just interested to see when your 2nd lo was born compared to your 1st lo. I am 30wks along with ds2. Ds1 was born at 39w6d. I have read that generally subsequent babies will make their grand entry earlier than the 1st. I am willing for this baby to bake until his due date, this is all out of simple curiousity. Thanks!


yumymumy - March 25

i made a thread simular ages ago to this and akll i got was even amount of 'i had 2nd lo later' or 'i had 2nd lo sooner' i like to know about this too coz i always wonder if its something to do with your body and how far you go with pregnancy or is it every lo is differant. usaly i see if women carry full term or over due they usaly like that with other pregnancys! i had my 1st baby at 37 weeks but i had problems so really got no clue how far ill go with this baby! goodluck!!!! not long to go now!!!


docbytch - March 26

My first child was born at 41 weeks. She was born via a regular v____al delivery... Not a fun experience either. My second was born via a scheduled csection at 39 weeks. He was 10lbs 8oz. My dd was 9lbs. However....if this matters...my second child was born 21 years after the first


melissap - March 26

My 1st was born on the day my doc gave me as my due date based on lmp. My 2nd was born 2 days before that (making my kids almost exactly 2 years apart) and #3 was 2 weeks late and I had to be induced...go figure.


MrsShelton217 - March 26

Okay, well first of all, I have complicated pregnancies. Mine were not normal, but I will post on this anyway. My DD was born at 32wks. Everything was tried for weeks to keep my labor at bay, but at 32wks she decided enough was enough and she wanted out. My DD was born last Oct. He was a 34-35wkr. Again, everything was tried to stop it, then finally he just came anyway. Call me crazy, but I am due in Sept w/ baby number 3. so we will see. Normally my labor issues start aroun 19-20 weeks. My OB told me this time if I can get to 33wks, he will let me deliver b/c the meds I have been on have caused me some problems... and since my son was born only 6 months ago, he doesn't feel like its worth it to risk my health when the baby has such a great chance at 33-34 wks


jodie - March 26

My kiddo's are 20 months apart. They were both born 5 days before their due date. My labors were very different though. Long labor with my first (21 hours 2 hours of pushing) second 12 hours (5 minutes of pushing) Good luck!!


jenna32 - March 27

dd was born at 41 weeks,they tried inducing me with the gel a couple times,the second time worked better. she could have been a week or 2 older, it was strange. i didn't get the earlier ulttra sound done at 12 weeks or whatever, i regret it so much. i guess i'll never know! i don't think she wanted to come out though,they were regulating my contractions all day. Next time i think i will wait it out as long as everything is healthy in there!


jenna32 - March 27

oh and she was 9 lbs 13 oz,lol.


MNMOM - March 27

Both my boys arrived 12 days before their due date. What are the odds of that?!?! :) They are 4 years apart.


kimberly - March 27

My first was born at 37 weeks, but my second was born at 39 weeks. My third was born at 37 weeks by induction because of kidney stones.


Crystal83 - March 27

My first dd was born at 42 weeks with induction weighing 7 lbs 15 oz. My second dd was born 2 years and 9 months later at 41 weeks with induction weighing 8 lbs 1 oz. and my 3rd dd was born 4 years almost exactly after the 2nd at 40 weeks. One day after my due date with no induction weighing 7 lbs 13 oz. I think 4 years is almost a little too long to wait. My 4 year old is very jealous and kinda rough with baby, because she was used to being the baby for so long. My 7 year old on the other hand is wonderful with baby, she loves to help out all the time. I'm really impressed with how mature she has become now. So maybe before 3 years old is good and after 6 years old is good! lol, I don't know...


momtbc - March 27

My first was 9 days late, my second was 3 days early, my third was 2 weeks early and my 4th was 3 weeks early. But the last two I had preterm labor from 32 weeks on and we knew they would both be pretty early (we're just glad they made it that long!)



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