When Did You Lo Start Walking

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julieB - February 27

my ds is 11 1/2 months right now. when my ds started to crawl at around 6 -7 months , it was not a normal crawl.. it was more like a crab crawl.. he would hike one leg up and crawl on one leg.. now he started to walk.. He started 1 day before 11 months.. but he did not continue.. it has been weeks and he will walk only half a room and laugh and grin and fall on his bottom.. People tell me if he started he will walk all the time. but not quite.. Does this seem normal.. thanks


punkin01 - February 27

mine started between 9 and 9 1/2 mos and everyone kept telling me that she was getting up and out of the way for another and when she was 11 mos i found out i was preggo..........


julieB - February 27

wow.. I want another baby but I want to wait till my son is potty trained.. I hear it is easier that way.. you lo started quite early.. good luck to you and your lo one.. your lo will have someone to play with pretty soon.. good luck


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 27

Do you mean walk by himself? My son has been able to walk with his walker, pushing/pulling chairs around since he was about 8 months old. Now that he's coming up to 9 months, he's starting to let go of things and be able to balance himself standing, so we are not quite there yet. However, since he started, he is unstoppable - he always wants to be on his feet, moving around, exploring, a right little monster!


punkin01 - February 27

yes she was walking alone between 9 and 91/2 mos not holding anything or in her walker........she took a few steps between me and her daddy one day and then the next she was gone....it really happened FAST.....


sahmof3 - February 27

My youngest did that little "half-crabby" crawl. He walked at 13 months. My oldest was cruising around furniture by 7 months, but didn't take his first steps alone until 12 months... and even then he did it for like 2 days and not again until 13 1/2 months. My daughter didn't walk until 16 months.


rl- - February 27

well my ds is 13 months and still not walking he can stand and go all over holding on to furniture he has also taken a couple of steps between like the couch and table but just won't walk LOL!! I think he is making us wait like he knows we want him to...he will look like he is gonna let go and take off walking then he goes right down to his bum and starts crawling LOL!!!


LisaB - February 27

My ds started walking right at 12 months and has been going strong since.


jb - February 27

My dd is a year and she is not walking. She will walk all over if she is pushing something or if hseis holding on to your hands. On occasion she will stand by herself, but once she realizes she is doing it, she seems to get scared and drops to her knees or reaches from something to hold on to. I sure wish she would just take some steps on her own!


julieB - February 27

Isn't it amazing.. I love seeing my son stand and do the ocean motion.. then usually fall on his bottom.. Priceless.. He thinks it is pretty funny too.


tnmommyof2 - February 27

My dd is 7 and she walked at 9 months. She just took a few first steps and never stopped. My ds is 13 months. He took his first steps 1 week before his 1st birthday and then didn't walk again until a week and a half later. He's actually just now getting to where he can walk everywhere and not have to stop and steady himself. I think your little one is doing fine. Sounds normal to me.


Heather F - February 27

My dd started doing what your dd is doing at 9 monhts and now at 11 months she is confidently walking. Dont worry, there is a wide range of normal and it isnt considered abnormal is they arent walking by 15 months!


ash2 - February 27

My first DS started crawling at 5 months and walking at 9 months. My youngest DS is still doing the " army ' crawl and pulling up on stuff, so i say walking is near !! He is 9 months now..


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 27

my dd never crawled she rolled everywhere till she was15 months old and we went to visit my mom without dh and we came home and I set her down she was standing in the middle of the room and just walked over to her daddy and she has been walking ever since. My DS who is 2 years younger almost to the day started walking at 11 months old but his was a slow race to walking he also crawled around 6-7 months but his walking wasnt perfected till about 12 months old so I wold say he is normal he will walk when he is ready.


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 27

besides dont be in a hurry once he gets going you wont be able to keep up with him lol. I was in such a hurry for my dd and when my ds I was hoping he would be like 4 before he walked cuz once he did I spent all day chasing him saying NO NO NO lol


Smilefull - February 27

My ds started taking steps on his own at 8 months and was walking without holding on to things or falling down by 9 months. I had my second one when he was 19months--so don't worry about what punkin said! lol. I like the idea though.


julieB - February 28

I love it.. my son has been all day long.. He is still slow and wobbly.. I got it on my digital camera.. I will cherish it.. thank you so much for all your inputs.. Gods little blessings.



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