When Did You Move Your LO From Bassinett To Crib

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AshleyB - February 10

Hi, i was just wondering when a good age is to move my ds from the bassinett in my room to his crib in his nursery. I'm sure I'll be a nervous wreck when I do, but I was wondering when you all did it? Did you just do it when they outgrew the bassinett? Ds is 9wks now and i've been putting him in his crib for his daytime naps but in the bassinett next to my bed at night. I want the transition to be easy as possible for him and he seems to do great so far. He'll sleep in there for a couple hours at a time during the day as long as he's warm enough. Anyway, just wondering.......


mommie2be - February 10

2 months. It was gradual, but by the 3 month, dd was full-time crib. And, yes, I was a nervous wreck... always listening and running in there when all was silent. DD is 6 month now. Hope your transition goes well for you, you sound like you're on the right track!! :D


mosley12 - February 10

we are doing it tonight..im so worried..lol...hes 3.5 months


Brendansmom - February 10

We put Brendan in his crib at 6 weeks. Everyone slept sooo much better!


Steph - February 10

I moved Trevor at 5 months. He sleeps better and so do we!! :o)


luviduvi - February 10

We did at about 6-8 weeks. When he was sick, we let him stay with us. don't move the bas. out of your room just yet. I found I got more sleep when he was in his crib. We didn't use the monitor, just kept the doors open, (his room was right across the hall) and we could hear when he cried w/o a doubt. We didn't use a monitor either. My hubby and I just slept better w/o all the grunting and sighing a baby makes. You just have to trust that whatever can happen to your baby across the room, can happen when you are sleeping right next to him. Good LUCK!


AshleyB - February 10

Thanks for your responses. I get the feeling he is totally ready, but I'm not. lol. He's already taken 3 naps in his crib today and seems to be perfectly comfortable and happy in there. I have a small house, but I'm still nervous not having him right next to me. The baby doesn't keep me awake really from his noises or anything. My hubby snores so loud that he wakes the baby and so ds is up alot throughout the night. usually just to be rocked back to sleep, so I think if he were in a nice quiet place he'd sleep more soundly. I have a twin bed in there, I may have to sleep in there the first few nights. I just seems like 2-2.5 months is so young yet. But its looking like that is an avg time to move them, huh?


srigles - February 10

We did it around 3 months, so it's only been a couple of weeks so far, but we're ALL finally getting some sleep! Keegan hardly slept at all in his ba__sinet in our room, and now he sleeps from around midnight to 6am. Woohoo!


AshleyB - February 10

I'm thinking about getting that Angelcare monitor or a video monitor. Maybe it will give me more peace of mind so I'm not sneaking in his room constantly checking on him.


mosley12 - February 10

i keep reading that los sleep better in cribs, but ds sleeps from about 10-5 or so , eats, than goes down for another few hours, so i dont know if he can sleep better..lol..but poor thing is about a lb over the weight limit for the ba__sinet and only has about 3-4 inches from his feet to the end of the ba__sinet, and about 2-3 from his head, so its def. time. we live in base housing, so the rooms are pretty small, or else i would put a bed in his room too. i could probably fit a twin but than it would be to cramped..your lucky ashleyb!


mandee25 - February 10

My son pretty much outgrew his basinette at 8 weeks old. He is so long! Anyways, I got dh to move the crib into our bedroom because I am not ready for him to sleep in the nursery just yet. He still gets up to eat once or twice in the night so it's more convenient for now. Good luck Ash.


ash2 - February 10

I moved Aiden at 6 months. And ashton around the same time. However, they both end up in bed with us by morning time ! lol



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