When Did You Start Introducing Solids

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tierney - January 3

Also, what did you start with and how much did they eat of the solids for the first month? Were you br___tfeeding/formula feeding? My pediatrician said to start with cereal and then mix veggies with the cereal and br___tmilk. How do you know how much cereal to use with how much vegetables and milk?


tierney - January 3

did that make sense, or were there too many hows? LOL


Toya - January 3

I did not start solids until dd was 6 months. I was b___stfeeding her all the way up until then. I followed the instructions on the cereal box for first time feedings...then I made more and made it thicker each time. After she got used to cereal, then I introduced yellow vegetables and fruits..then green vegetables...she will be starting meat on her 8 month birthday!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 3

I started cereal at 4 months, veggies at 5 and did not start fruit until 6 1/2 months. I started with rice cereal, mixed it like it said the box, then went to oatmeal, then barley. Then I started with green veggies, peas, greenbeans, etc. (always leaving atleast a week inbetween introducing new foods) At the end of the beggies I started introducing the sweeter veggies like sweet corn, sweet potatoes, etc. When I started with fruit, I started with things that were very bland, applesauce, bananas etc. I have still not tried all of the fruit but we are working on it. She will also start meat at 8 months. Oh and I mixed the cereals with formula.


Luludji - January 3

My doctor suggested all the followings: started cereal at 4 months old (2 weeks rice, 1 week barley, 1 week oat ) 5 months fruits and veggies, one by one. 6 months wheat cereal. 7 months meat. And here I am today. Next week I start tofu, then bean, and egg yolk will be the last, at around 8 months. So far I mixed everything with b___stmilk, sometimes in the mornings I mix her cereal in fruit she loves i.e. papaya.


syn - January 3

I was told to start with orange vegtables and not before 6 months, also to leave about 3 days between each new thing. and to leave fruit to last. my little guys only 5 months so all he has has is oat cereal. might give him rice tomoorow. i forget to give him cereal a lot of the days but since he is still happy with just milk i don't worry about it.


FF - January 3

Our pediatrician said my son was ready to start cereal at 4 months, but it took him about 2 weeks of trying before he actually ate any. He is now five months old and usually gets a half jar of rice or oatmeal cereal in the morning and a jar of orange veggies (doctor's advice to start those first and work to greens) in the evenings. He loves sweet potatoes and carrots! He never would eat the cereal that is mixed with formula so I started buying the jar kind and he seems to really enjoy it. I'm glad the issue of when to eat meat came up b/c I really wasn't sure.



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