When Did You Wean Baby

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coco797 - April 21

Hi all. How old was your LO when you started weaning him/her?


first-timer - April 22

I am slowly starting to wean my LO. He will be 7 months old next week and I have already cut out one feeding. My goal is to have eliminated all day feedings by the end of May. I am still having mixed feelings about giving it up though. So going slow is best for me.


Gretta - April 22

We started weaning at 9 months and she was weaned a month later. I was sad to stop but happy to be done.


JessC531 - April 23

I plan to start weaning her at or around her first birthday. I want to try to make it the full year.


britt_m - April 23

I wanted to go to a year, but found out I was pregnant when she was 9 months. So I wanted to wean so I could have a break between babies. That backfired and she refused bottles all together and will not take any milk in any way out of sippy cups and has been nursing much much more than she was. So now shes over 10.5 months and we're still going very strong!


lily10 - April 24

I weaned at 6 months because I found working full time with a very long commute made b___stfeeding even more demanding then it already was. With my next child I would love to make it the full year as I will be a stay at home mama, but we will see.


Krissy25 - April 24

My dd is almost 9 months and we are down to just a few feedings a day. i hope to have her fully weaned by 1 year.


Brenna - May 4

My daughter will be 13 months in one week,and I started weaning her(slowly) a couple of days ago.We want to get pregnant again in Oct.or Nov.It took one month to get preg. with dd.I want her to be weaned before we ttc,so hopefuly it will happen fast.My dd has been nursing 3 times a day,so this month(May)I'm nursing her 2 times a day,June will be once a day,and July we wil be done.I could wean her much faster than this,but I am in no hurry,In fact I had no plans to wean anytime soon until we decided to ttc.My daughter has been an excellent nurser since she was about an hour old and I have enjoyed this time with her.She has taken to cow's milk very well,and I don't think I will have any problems.


excited2bemama - May 6

my lo is 11 months old and I haven't started weaning yet.. I am not sure when I will. the WHO recommends nursing till 2 but I dunno if I can do it that long.


L1NDZ - May 6

My ds is 9.5 months and I am weaning him slowly...I really don't want to! BUT I have to go back to work in 2 months so I must. Anyways, I started with the feeding before bed (cause my dh loved being able to give a bottle to him before bed as he doesn't get up with him at night ~ cause ds thinks it's playtime). Anyways I did that for 1 month and now I am getting rid of an afternoon feeding. Which is working out well so far. I plan to do this for 2--3 weeks and then work on the next feeding...but as I said...I am fighting with myself and I am doing it slowly. I would be happy with ds if he decided himself to stop nursing...as I feel like I am depriving my ds of something. Anyways...goood luck!! I know I need it!!


wailing - May 6

At 6 months I went back to work, and b/c of the crazy backwards schedule, I started weaning. But, I only cut out 1 feeding at first and replaced it w/ a bottle (the a,m feeding). Then at 7 months we went down to 1 b'feeding only at nite. After that he pretty much weaned himself b/c he didn't want to sit still w/ me to eat, he was too busy looking around:-)


coco797 - May 6

wailing-when you started bf only at night, how did you manage to keep your supply up if you weren't bf during the day?



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