When Did You Will You Let Your Lo Sleep With A Blanket

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DB - October 5

I'm a SIDS-parnoid mother. My dd only occasionally naps with a blanket. We do let her have a small "softy"...a small square of soft blanket to cuddle with. She's 8 months now, and I'm not sure she'll like the sleep sack anymore. When is it safe to allow a blanket in the crib?


Krissy25 - October 5

i must be a bad mother b/c i have let mt baby sleep with a blanket since she was born. Mostly naps and i swaddled her at night, but she is outgrowing her swaddle blanket so i just put a regular one on her.


kimberly - October 5

I think at 8 months you can give her a light blanket. At this age they can roll over easily and they have good muscle control. I have always given my kids a blanket usually a recieving blanket in the beginning because the are so light.


DB - October 5

krissy-you are NOT a bad mother, I'm just majorly PARANOID!!! Well, it's HOT today, so no blanket tonight, but next week looks chilly. Thanks ladies.


lin7604 - October 5

i think i started around 6 months as he was too big for the sleeper blanket, so i got a light weight one and covered him up with it. Normally the first half he lays still and stays covered then the second half he tosses and turns and grabs the corner of it and sometimes chews on it.


Krissy25 - October 5

it's hot here too, i've been using really light blankets or we have an afgan, it is really airy, i know there are warnings about blankets but i feel i keep a pretty close eye on her since she sleeps in our room.


DDT - October 5

I've let Caden use a blanket since he was about 4 months. I heard once they can roll over its fine. He loves his blankie...probably wouldn't be able to sleep without it. I don't put it over him but lay it next to him so that he can rub it on his face. He wear pj's that keep him warm enough.


suze42 - October 5

krissy, same here...ive used a blanky of some sorty since lo was born....she was swaddled for a few weeks..then busted out and i would just lay a light baby afghan on her. I also feel i keep a close eye...and as soon as she wakes in the slightest, i wake up.


alida - October 5

I still use the sleep sack (just bought a larger one- medium). My dd loves it and I do to because I don't have to worry about it. I wouldn't be able to stop checking on her w/ a regular blanket..she is 7 months and sleeps in her own room but I still watch her on the monitor from my room. I live in Las Vegas so it's very hot here but we have the a/c on all the time so I wouldn't want her to get cold and have to go in to keep covering her. My question is how long can I use the sleep sack for?! Ha Ha! ;)


DB - October 5

alida- my aunt gave me a sleep sack that is an 18M size, so I guess as long as your lo tolerates it!!


DB - October 5

OH, and I also found fleece jammies for winter that seem heavy enough to not need a blanket. Carters and Gerber make nice ones. I will use those if the sleep-sack irritates her...and maybe a little blankie-if I can get over my paranoia!


aliciavr6 - October 5

My dd has had a blanket since she was born too. Actually, there's a few in her crib ha. Didn't even know it was a "no-no", but what isn't now a days.


TiffanyRae - October 5

You ladies are not alone...I also have let my DS have a very light blanket since he was born....He doens't even need one...I live in hawaii for crying out load..its hot as heck BUT he looks so lonely laying in his crib all by himself! lol no seriously i just lay it over his legs and when he wakes it is usually bunched up way at the end of him anyway. I don't think he even likes it! But he is still waking up every few hours...he is 7 weeks...so I am constantly up with him and keep a close eye on him! though I know anything can happen even in a short amount of time. And no one is a bad mum, we are all just different mums and have different ways of handeling things!


suze42 - October 5

alicia, too funny, i also had a few blankys in the crib...i folded a few up the other day and cleared it out. The carters fleece pjs are great in the winter...w/my DS i usually didnt use a blanky w/those. but now that its still warm here (outside) and cool inside, i dress DD in a light sleeper and cover her in a light blanky. I prob should have bought some sleep sacks..but just never did. I have a feeling we are all doing great...we're here asking ?'s and caring! Good luck to all the mums!


wailing - October 5

The sleep sacks never worked for us, so we always swaddled w/ cotton blankies. But, ds is also a swaddle breaker haha. We stopped swaddling at 11wks and I just put the blanket on top of him. He's always had good head control and he loves to grab the blankie in one hand and suck his thumb w/ the other. We call him Linus from the Peanuts:-)


ImpatientMommy - October 6

I think you just need to use common sense. Like obviously your little one doesn't need this huge heavy blanket. And if you are going to put a light blanket over them you don't have to like tuck them in hardcore and put it close to their face or anything. I've been using blankets since birth, her ba__sinet is really hard and she never liked it until I put down a fleece blanket for her to lay on top of. Then she is swaddled. And on the off chance she isn't swaddled I do put a blanket over her but not very far up and she just ends up kicking it out of the way anyway.


ImpatientMommy - October 6

oh, plus, your daughter is now 8 months so the risk of SIDS is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Something I'm sure you shouldn't be worrying about.



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