When Did Your Babies Learn To Crawl

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CassieSong - June 19

My dd is 6 months and still does not like tummy time. She will flip over the instant I put her on her tummy so that she's laying on her back. She only rolls one way too. Some days it is better and I will get her to stay on her tummy (I try EVERYTHING) but usually she's not there long enough to even try and crawl. She is not scooting or creeping.. just wondering when your babies started this. I'm not worried about her... it's just that she is getting frusterated because she can't get around on her own. A frusterated baby makes for an unhappy baby as we all know. LOL.


Rabbits07 - June 19

The earliest any of mine ever crawled was 9 months...they were all crawling by 10-11 months. Some babies never crawl, but find other ways to get around (scooting on their bottom, rolling, "inch-worming", etc.) From what I've read babies start finding these new ways to get around between 6-11 months so your baby still has plenty of time to learn a way to get mobile. Maybe you could get down and crawl, or scoot, etc. just to give her some ideas...not sure if that would work really, but it's worth a try.


luvbendict - June 19

My ds learned to crawl when he was 5 mths old, and crawled on all fours at 8 mths. Not all baby are crawlers, you might be surprise if yr dd just stand up and walk! Maybe you could try to put her on her tummy and give toys that she could reach so she would try to move and grab it.


rl - June 19

here is an idea get a walker my son is 5months old and boy can he get around in his walker already! From the first time we put him in it he could make it go forward most times they can only get it to go backwards but we did not think he would be able to do anything he just liked being held in the standing position so we thought that would be fun for him to be able to stand on his own boy he totally surprised us anyways try that she may just love it good luck!!


Ang - June 19

my ds has an exersaucer and has discovered that it bounces... with an extreme effort. The little goober actually GOT AIR on it last night. My dh and I sat and watched him jump jump jump until he cleared himself off the floor. Gabriel was shocked as hell and started to cry of course so that was the end of his exersaucer time. lol He's trying to crawl but doesn't have it in order yet, he can kind of shovel forward on his face but doesn't like that too much. lol


Aussie Beck - June 19

My dd is 6 months this week and she isn't crawling yet either. We have the opposite problem with tummy time. We put her on her back and she rolls over to her front (only one way too) but then she gets cranky being on her tummy cause she can't go anywhere yet, and she refuses to flip herself back onto her back by herself. She's got the leg motions for crawling - drawing them up underneath her but she just buries her face in the floor and gets upset LOL! We have just recently noticed that she really loves being held up on her feet and bouncing on our laps. So we got this thing that hangs from a doorway with a spring in it and she is strapped into this little harness and she bounces and jumps on the floor- she LOVES it! Maybe something like this will entertain your dd and strengthen her muscles.


RB - June 19

my ds just started crawling last week and he is 7 months old... he started rolling over and scooting about over a month ago and it took a while after he started pushing up on his hands for him to realise that he could actually crawl... he would use his legs and his face /head but not his arms for the longest time! i started tummy time with him a long time ago and he hated it at first - i'd just lie down with my face close to his and show him toys at his level - or sometimes i'd let him have tummytime on me and let him "crawl" all over us... whatever keeps him entertained to keep doing tummytime will help... hope this helps!


Cat - June 26

My oldest and middle sons weren't in a hurry and didn't spend much time crawling. They quickly went to standing/walking holding onto stuff and then by 9 & 10 months were walking by themselves. My youngest looks to be doing the same.


Ca__sieSong - June 26

I appreciate the comments! I was thinking of getting her a jumper too since she loves to be on her feet. As some of you mentioned, some of your babies love to stand and walk.... so does my dd. I hold her hands and she walks all over the house. She just will not crawl. Aussie, that is funny that your lo will roll to tummy and mine rolls to back.... but then just stay there. They should get together and show each other how to roll the opposite way. hehe. I get down on the floor with Aria all the time, show her toys, let her try tummy time on me, etc... nothing. She just wants nothing to do with it. I've been doing tummy time with her since she was about 1 month. Thank you for your comments- all of you. it really helps to hear from others.


Lalla - June 26

Hi Ca__sieSong - your question made me curious and I had to look up some info on line. My dd is only almost 4 months old and also does not like tummy time. I just read on line that it is normal for babies to start crawling around 9-10 months. I also read that walkers are a hazard to babies health - if you google "baby walkers and spinal problems" you will find a lot of information. It also said that babies usually know when their bones and ligaments are ready for the next step in their development - so I would not worry if I were you. Here you can also read about the importance of letting the baby take it's time and not rush the bipedal position. crawling and being on the ground helps the baby with motorskills and neurological development. That, and that walkers are the cause of many baby/toddlers accidents, the canadians have banned walkers and us pediatrics are advising against them. So be careful with the bouncy swing and the walker. This was information that I will take to heart when time comes for my little dd to start crawling and walking. I know you were not asking about walkers, but people brought them up, so sorry if I went on about it! Good luck to you.



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