When Did Your Babies Roll Over For The 1st Time

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tanya - December 21

just curious, when was it? also was it from belly to back or vice-versa?


Andrews Mommy - December 21

Well, Andrew rolled from front to back (which is weird and I think he used his toy gym to help him) when he was 4 months and one week - hasnt done it again in 2 weeks and hasnt gone the other way yet!!!!!


Erica - December 21

My lil guy was rolling over back to front and front to back between 6 and 8 weeks:) but i think mine did it a lil fast hehe.. Tanya how old is ur baby?


T. - December 21

My little girl started rolling over a month ago. She is 4 & 1/2 months now. She rolls over from belly to back. She hasn't quite fihured out to how roll back onto her back! I hope she does soon because I have to flip her back over every 2 minutes or so when shes playing on her floormat gym.


T. - December 21

Oops, I meant back to belly, lol!


tanya - December 21

she's 2.5 months and hasn't rolled over yet...


KrisD - December 21

Mine is 3.5 mos and has gone from back to belly a few times.... But really only when he is truly upset! LOL... He freaks out, arches his back and over he goes! Then, of course, he gets more upset when his face is crammed into the blanket or rug!


Erica - December 21

ohh wow i guess babies really all do things at a diff pace,


Jbear - December 22

Sophia was rolling over when she was a newborn, but by the time she was about 3 weeks she couldn't anymore. Now she's four months and she still can't.


monica - December 22

caleb started rolling at 3 months


Toya - December 22

Asjani rolled over at 3 months. It was back to belly. It's funny, because when she first started rolling over she would just turn her head facing the floor and her body would follow.


Jamie - December 22

Renity was about 8 weeks and it was tummy to back; she's 4 months now and is *trying* to get from back to her front, but isn't quite there.


jorden - December 22

my son didnt' roll over until like 5 moths...hes 6 now and he could roll over when he wants too...he does it really good...but he rather look at me and cry


Christy - December 22

Ben has been able to roll onto his side as well as belly to back occa__sionally since he was born


Stevens Mom - December 22

My son went from back to belly first! He was about 3 1/2 months! Now he is almost 6 months and if you put him on the floor he will just keep rolling and rolling it's pretty funny!


L - December 22

Hannah first rolled over from belly to back at about 8 weeks. Now, at 4 months I think she is just too chubby to roll herself over :)


momma - December 22

my dd started rolling back to belly at 21/2 months and about 3 weeks later she started rolling the other way



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