When Did Your Baby Loose Interest In The Swing

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JAI - June 26

My little guy is 8 months old. We have the ocean aquarium swing, and he really got alot of use out of it. I think it was one of his favourite things. But with that being said I am hardly putting him in it anymore at this point, and when I do put him in it he hangs himself over the sides. So I think he is probably finished with it and I should pack it away, but just curious how long your little ones used their swings for.


Christy - June 26

Ben will be 8 months old on 7/7. He still likes the swing (Nature's Touch by Fisher Price), but only for short periods of time. I think we are going to be outgrowing it soon too. :(


JAI - June 26

Hi Christy... i remeber you from pg forum. Jordan will be 8 months on 06/29/06. They are only a couple of weeks apart. How is it going for you?


danasmom - June 26

Dana stopped using it around 6 or 7 months.


RB - June 26

hi JAI - my son used his only up until 2 months ago - we've also put it away already... - is your son crawling yet? i found that the more he started moving, the less he wanted to be strapped into something... how's your little guy doing these days? eight months old! how time flies! i've talked to a lot of the girls that we used to chat with and we're all pretty stunned at how much the LOs are doing now. where in canada are you?


JAI - June 26

Hi RB...he is not crawling but almost, he goes up on all fours, or moves in a circle or backwards, he just has not figured out how to go forward yet...LOL! But I know I am in trouble once he figures it out, because he wants to get his hands on everything and anything. The time as just flown by. My little guy Jordan is doing amazing, I have been so lucky he is just a happy happy boy, and very easy going. I live in Toronto. Your in BC right?


RB - June 27

yeah - we're just outside vancouver... lemme tell ya, you're gonna have your hands full when he starts crawling! mine is having so much fun now though with the dogs, chairs, etc! how's jordan sleep? what solids are you feeding him cuz on the other thread, you mentioned the gerber puffs...


JAI - June 27

RB - Jordan sleeps about 12 hours each night. He is in formula he has three 8oz and one 6oz bottles a day. He eats all the cereals, veggies, fruits, chicken & beef. I use the Beechnut brand. So far I have really liked it. What is your little ones name? Do you get a year off for mat leave?


JAI - June 27

RB - what is yours eating? And what about the sleeping how is that going?


Christy - June 27

JAI- Hello! How are you guys doing? Ben and I are fine. He is slightly pokey on his milestones, but I am not too worried (yet.) He sits pretty well now and has been spending a lot of time on his belly trying to crawl, but no luck yet. I think he has some time still. How about Jordan? What is he up to these days?


jess - June 27

hey RB!! How r ya doing?? My lil guy is 8 1/2 months and crawling and just started climbng!! such fun!! he was sleeping quite well, but with the heat in the lst few days its gone downhill!! have any pics of yor lil man?


austinsmom - June 27

my lo is gonna be 6 months on thursday and he is already loosing interest in the swing!!! I use it now pretty much for feeding him cause it has been the easiest way up till now actually....My lo is so funny when I put him in the swing for swinging and turn it on it takes him no time to be hanging out the side of the swing and grabbing the bars on the sides so when I come back into the livingroom he is grinning like mad and has both hands gripping the stationary pole on one side and the swing is going click click click and not moving one bit......he really thinks he is doing something holding that swing still lol



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