When Did Your Baby Pull Up With Hands

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shari - July 11

Hi ...My 7 1/2 month old uses his hands for reaching, grabbing..etc...He doesn't seem to have any trouble playing with/grasping toys or picking up his Cheerios. But I've noticed he doesn't really use his hands for support, like hanging onto something for balance or pulling up on things..or holding my fingers to support himself in sitting or standing.hhmmmm? When he sits he keeps his hands up, like he's balancing. If I were a worrier (which I am), I might think he is showing some kind of tactile aversion to using his hands, but that wouldn't explain how much he uses them for playing , grasping and finger feeding. When did your babies begin to use hands for pulling up , and ,say, holding onto furniture for support? Anyone else with babies that don't want to do that yet? just wonderin.....


Christy - July 11

My 8 month-old does not pull up yet. If I give him my hands to grasp onto, then he will pull to sit or hang on for support, but I have to encourage/initiate it. As for your son having his arms out to his side while sitting, that is perfectly natural and aids him in righting and balancing himself. I have a feeling he will be pulling up to sit and stand sooner than you think. ;)


AmandaManns - July 11

Actually I was just talking to my sister in law about this today and my son is 6.5 months old today and he pulled himself up from a sitting position up to a standing position by holding on to the coffee table. I thought this was very early for him to be doing this considering he does not crawl yet, he scoots along the floor on his b___t to get wherever he wants to go and he has been sitting unsupported since he was 5 months old. She then said that none of her kids (she has 4) used their hands to pull themselves up until around 8 months, so it sounds like your LO is perfectly normal!!!


YC - July 12

My dd started doing this right at 6 months. She is crawling and pulls up on everything. According to the ped. this is early. All babies are so different.


Sophia - July 12

My dd is now 8 months and doesn't pull herself up yet. She learned to sit unsupported around 6 months of age. The pulling-up should happen any month now!



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