When Did Your Baby Sit Up Independently

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expectingbaby1 - June 22

Just wanting to know the common age.... Mine is four months old so I was wondering when to expect it! Thanks!


eclectic66 - June 22

My answer is NOT the norm, but my ds was a late bloomer in that department for various reasons. He sat up on his own at 10 months :-)


DDT - June 22

My ds was 6 months old which I believe is the average age.


Malica - June 22

Around 6 months is average for sitting up without a__sistance. My DD was 5 1/2 months.


Angelica87 - June 23

Ian sat up unsupported at 5 months. Crawled, pulled up and walked with help at 6 and cruising at 7. He's just about 9 months now and stands without support, pretty soon he'll be walking! I think he's a little faster than most babies though!


margie - June 23

my baby just started to a couple of days ago, she's a little wobbly but she's gettin it! she is 6 months


babylove4 - June 23

My DD is 5 months & tryin she's chunky But I'm sure that wont stop her..My DS was 4 months sittin on his own 8 1/2 months when He started walking around furniture and at 9 months he was walking on his own like a pro....He was also a chunky baby...It all depends on the Baby though...


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - June 23

Sam was 4 months


tish212 - June 23

my dd is 6 months and can sit up but will eventually lean too far one way or the other and goes down...but she likes to sit


kimberly - June 25

My first sat at 6.5 months, my second sat at 7 months, and my dd sat at 5.5 months.


BeccaBaby1 - June 25

Mine is almost 5 months and she started about a week ago.


cblack - June 26

Mine starting sitting up on his own at five months, was still a little wobbly when it came to not balancing properly and he would fall over if he turned too quickly or something like that. He started getting really good at it at 6 months, and is now 9 months (today actually) and is a pro at it. We got him used to it by putting him in the sitting position and letting go of him but having our hands to catch him if he toppled over... after about a week he started getting the hang of it. I think having a bumbo seat helped as well, because we started using that at about 3 months, and it seemed to help out his back and learning to sit.


jenna32 - June 27

dds 6 m. i was surprised she didnt earlier,shes advanced in everything.


DeeD - June 28

I have 7 kids and they have all sat up on thier own between 5-18 months. Yes-that is 18 months, she was delayed due to hypotonia (low tone torso muscles). The average for my kids was around 7-8 months.



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