When Did Your Daughters Start Playing With Dolls

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in the woods - March 13

My 3yo is not interested! I hear some 3yo have crushes with Bratz dolls... My dd is rather to draw, do puzzles, write letters, learn numbers, build forts, etc... I am not too worried yet - Bratz scare me, honestly. But I'm still wondering - when did your daughters started dressing up dollies, started being aware of fashion etc?


Lala - March 13

I agree about the Bratz. We give our children these bad examples, and then we wonder what went wrong when they are 13. Those dolls look like hookers or a pediphiles' dream come true, or something. sounds like your dd is doing just fine.


iemc19 - March 13

My daughter was well over 4 before she showed any proper interest in dolls...But at almost 7 she is much the same - she would far rather craft than play dolls - she has a couple of Bratz dolls - I don't see the problem - they are quite ugly with their ma__sive heads - she hates the programme - but then she has no patience for any tv...maybe the problem with Bratz lies in the tv show? - I don't know...Personally I find the doll no more offensive than the 'perfect-figured Barbie' ..they are all unrealistic...She just likes the long hair...And that kind of doll over a baby doll ??- baby doll wins everytime...When you stop and think about it dollies are so boring compared to building something, learnig something, drawing, and crafting....And tv is mind-numbing....Well, I think thats how she finds it all anyway...long may she be so!!


Kristin11 - March 13

My daughter had been in love with her baby dolls since she was a little younger then 2. She is 3 now and they are still her favorites. She doesnt have bratz though and i dont plan on getting them for her, they are a little to adult if you ask me. She also loves to play with her cars and blocks ect.


sahmof3 - March 13

My dd started playing with dolls at about 2, but still isn't super into them... it's about equal with her other activities, I'd say. I think her favorite things are painting and riding bike. She's TRYING to learn to rollerblade, too, like her big brother LOL. Oh, she turned 3 in January... almost forgot to say her age...


HANNAHs Mom - March 13

Both my daughters took an interest in baby dolls around 9m old. My 18m loves to feed them, stoll them and take off their clothes. My 4 year old has an American Girl doll that is her little "mini-me(her)"...she takes her everywhere and dresses her for the weather and all occasions. Your dd sounds like an intellectual! No need to worry I agree...Bratz scare me too...they are awful!


CyndiG - March 13

My dd was around 3 when she got interested in baby dolls, and around 4 or 5 when she fell in love with Barbies. She has tons of Barbies, and only a few Bratz that someone else purchased for her. I REFUSE to put my money into that company. I personally think they should be taken off the market. I don't like what they make those dolls look like (I agree with Lala's description! Miniature hookers and pedophile's dreams come true!) Plus, the ads and even the boxes say it's all about what you look like. I can't believe they have a tv show and are coming out with a movie! Ugghh! At least Barbie has a job!!!! She's done everything in the book including had a baby! LOL! Even if she does look like Miss Perfection.... OK, I'm down off my soap box...LOL!


BriannasMummy - March 13

My dd is 4 and she still doesnt have the much of an interest in dolls. She asked for baby alive for xmas.. so I basically jumped over the moon to get it.. the only day that she even looked at it was xmas day.. she doesnt care for it now. My dd would rather dress up in princess gowns, put on makeup then have anything to do with dolls. I dont think dolls will ever be her thing. ~Kristin~


ashtynsmom - March 13

My dd is 14 mos, and she will play with them a little, but mostly just to put them in and out of their stroller, or crib- she doesn't "mother" them. My friends dd is 18 mos and she is ADDICTED to dolls. It is crazy!! My mom said I never was into dolls. I played with barbies when I was 7 or 8, but never baby dolls. She said I only liked stuffed animals. She would buy me dolls, and I would never touch them. I think some girls just are not interested!! Now my nephew LOVES dolls... he will say "baby, baby" and rub its head like it is real.... Who knows?!


flower.momma - March 13

Bratz and barbies are banned in our house, but my dd has been playing with baby dolls since she could walk.



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