When Did Your Little Ones Start Crawling

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luckysunshine - February 7

My ds learned to stand on all fours about a week ago. Every day he stands in a crawling position and swings back and forth, but did not master the art of crawling just yet. How long after babies learn to stand in the crawling position do they actually begin to crawl? What were your experiences with your little ones?


sahmof3 - February 7

By the time mine got in that position it wasn't long... maybe 2 weeks, I think. But, they all went backward before they got going forward lol.


EricaG - February 7

Abby started doing that at about 5.5 months and a few days after she turned 6 months she took her first crawl steps. She still preactices traditional crawling every once and a while and gets a few steps without falling down, but she's figured out that she can get places faster by army crawling so that's what she prefers. How old is your ds?


bchflwr - February 7

Ds started rocking on all fours in early January, and didn't crawls until a month later. He actually started crawling last Saturday, 5 days before his 8th month.


apr - February 7

my ds has been rocking on all fours for at least a month and he's 6 months now! next week actully.... he crawls backwards though heehee


luckysunshine - February 7

My ds will be 7 months in 5 days. He has been sliding himself backward for probably around a month now, and about a couple of weeks ago learned to pull himself forward if he wants to reach a toy. I was just curious if he's gonna start crawling soon :) Thanks for your responses.


ashtynsmom - February 7

My dd was 6 mos when she started crawling. She didn't really do the rocking thing- once she figured out how to get up she was gone!


Emmie - February 7

My son is a little off on this one. He is 9.5 months old and still does not crawl. He scoots a little and can turn in a circle but he is a chub(25lbs) and has no interest in crawling. I would think with in a month tops yours will be crawling now that he is in position.


rl- - February 7

yeah my ds was only doing that rocking thing for a couple of weeks then he got the hang of it now he is almost 13 months and not walking yet LOL he takes a few steps here and there and will walk when you hold his hand but he loves his crawling LOL!!!


ash2 - February 7

My first one started crawling at 6 months, and my second one is still doing the " army crawl", and he is 8 months, so we are still waiting on him !


dee23 - February 7

im just now starting to deal with all the baby proofing and running around after ds. he is 6 1/2 months and has been crawling full on for about 4 days. it took him 2 weeks to go from nothing to super fast crawling!


kellens mom - February 7

Dd started crawling last week. She is 9.5 months old. I will say that she did move before...it was a sort of secret scooch. Blink and you would miss it, but somehow she managed to get to toys she wanted. Also she rolled. The actual "true" crawl is new for us.


ry - February 8

aww, i am jealous! Bella can move severl feet and i am not sure how she gets there, but its definatley not by crawling lol!


mayaB - February 8

my boy is 9 months old and just started crawling. He actualy started craawling and started standing on the same day. He was very mobile even before he started crawling though.. he rolled himself to wherever he needed to get to!


ren05 - February 9

hi, my ds didn't crawl at all. he started to walk at 9 months & hasn't been bothered to try & crawl.


Lalla - February 10

my dd started crawling at 10.5 months - she did the b___t scooting and rocking back and forth on all four for about a months before she decided to actually start crawling.


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 10

My son started doing this at about 4.5 months, I thought he would crawl by 5, but he only actually started crawling properly (with his belly off the ground) at around 6.5 months.



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