When Did Your Lo Eyes Change Color

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aggie03 - January 15

I was wondering when your lo eye changed from blue...or stayed. anyone go to green and whrn? or brown? (we have about every opption for color with my dd...she is 4wks and gray blue)


Rabbits07 - January 15

Mason's are blue now at 9 months. When he was around 6 months they were beginning to have alot of green in them and I thought they were going to turn, but now they are back to being more blue. My oldest son was 3-4 years old and had one green eye and one blue one...they finally both turned green. You really can't tell much of a definitive eyecolor until they are 1-2. The only thing I have ever noticed is that generally a baby whose eyes turn brown will not change back to blue (though I have heard people say they've seen this happen...I never have) and that a baby whose eyes are a really LIGHT sky blue generally don't darken, whereas babies with a darker blue are apt to change to anything. There is a website where you can enter your info and it tells what the chances are that you will have a baby with a certain eyecolor (someone posted it on here one time...I can't remember it but maybe they will see this and repost it). It was fun, but according to my results I had a 50% chance of a brown eyed baby, 39% of a blue and 11% of a green....so far I have 4 green eyed children, 2 blue eyed children and NO brown eyed babies....go figure! LOL.


krnj - January 15

Christian's were a dark blue when he was born. He's now 10 months and they turned a light sky blue. I have green eyes and dh has the same color as Christian. I don't know if they can still change after 10 months old?


ash2 - January 15

I believe around 4 months or so completly.


AshleyB - January 15

Here is that website: babymed.com/tools/other/eye%5Fcolor/ My 5wk old son's eyes are grey/blue and I have blue as well as my whole side and my hubby is brown eyed along with his whole side, so I wonder if he'll end up with my blue eyes or not. I expected him to have brown, but they are not yet anyway. Since brown is dominant aren't most babies who are going to have brown eyes pretty much born that way?


Kara H. - January 15

I have med/dark blue eyes (slate blue with navy rims - rather unusual) and my hubby has brown. Max was born with blue eyes. He is now 6 months old and in the past month they have went from blue to grey (and I mean like the color of brushed nickel) and now they are a grey-green. I have a feeling they are going to end up green/brown. I love his light eyes, but hubby is getting teased a lot about Max's eyes being so light. His friends keep asking what color are the eyes of the mailman/UPS man/drywall guy...ect. Not funny!


tryingx3 - January 15

Pediatrician told me that as a general rule whatever eye color they have at 9 months - that is what they will keep.


EricaG - January 15

my dd's pediatrician said that if her eyes are still blue by 6 months then they will never be brown. She said that they may change a different type of blue or hazel but that they will never be brown. She will be 6 months in 4 days and still has blue eyes that are the exact same color as mine. My husband has brown eyes but does have a recessive blue gene.


sahmof3 - January 15

I have brown, dh has blue. Mine all ended up w/ brown. They changed anywhere from 4-6 months. They all went through a phase where they had green eyes, but eventually by a year old they had brown.


LisaB - January 15

My ds ia 14 months and his eyes are still dark blue like when he was born maybe a smidge lighter.


sahmof3 - January 15

um... forgot to say how mine started out lol. They were a dark grayish-blue at birth.


Rabbits07 - January 15

AshleyB, I think that with the exception of baies born to races in which brown is the only color (eg, black...with no mixed race anywhere in the blood line) that babies are usually born with the slate blue eye color. KaraH, you mentioned unusual eyes...mine are light brown and I have slate blue rims...very odd indeed! I think that is why I haven't managed to have a brown eyed baby yet as I obviously must have a one recessive blue gene...I would a__sume so anyway since mine are rimmed in blue.


Rhiannon - January 15

I'm probably the exception. I was born with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. My eyes changed to a very light brown/ green when I was a teenager. They also go very green when I'm angry. Like the hulk!!!


Erynn21 - January 15

I asked the doctor this question the other day at Nora's 4month check up and she said they should be what they are going to be around 6 months. Funny thing is they are blue really, really blue and my dh and I both have hazel, so is she getting a recessive gene? We still don't know. Her eyes were electric blue when she was born, that's the first thing I saw , these huge, bright blue eyes. One other thing, my MIL says my hubby's brother had blue eyes and at 6 months they just changed one day, his other brother has a blond haired, blue eyed son and his wife and him both have brown eyes and brown hair, so who knows. I'm thinking my dd is going to have blue eyes because they still are so blue, but we'll see.


BriannasMummy - January 15

Ya know I wondered this exact same thing. I was told that their eye color would change by 6 months if they were going to change. So at 6 months when my dd's eyes were blue i thought.. she would be a blue eyed girl. NOPE. At 9 months they started getting blotches of hazel through them. She is 4.5 and her eyes are half blue and half hazel.. its strange. ~Kristin~



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