When Did Your Lo First

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Mommy_to_be - February 2

How old was your little one when he or she got their first tooth? Symptoms? Thanks!


shannan - February 2

My lo was 7 months. He was super fussy for about a week and then presto... a tooth arrived!


Jelly - February 2

hmm, my oldest I don't remember, my youngest got his first tooth at 5 months. My daughetr didn't get one until 9 onths, but she was teething and drooling liek crazy since 2 and a half months, I expected to find a tooth every day and never did until 9 months, but for several months before you could see the little white dots under the gum surface. Symptoms are drooling, obviously, biting, or chewing on things, crankieness, sleeplessness, and even clear mucus ( runny nose) or a slight fever, often teething will disrupt the sleeping pattern, my youngets son used to sleep throught he night, the week before he got his first tooth he started waking up A LOT. A lot of people use cold wash cloths, or those teething tablets or Orajel, personally the orajell didn't work that well for me, i mena it got him all numb int he mouth but it lasted only liek a half hour, and it seemed to irritate hi becasue who wants a numb mouth!?


Mellissa - February 2

both my lo's were 4 months when they got their first teeth. dd had all the symptoms Jelly stated, ds only had the sleeping issues, really no other symptoms (he's been chewing his fingers since birth). i use teething tablets and tylenol. they work great!


Ca__sJ - February 2

My son was 5 months old and was fussy and I could see like a little white line on his gums and then it finally broke through. Then the next week he got another one. It seems like they are always teething!


BusyBee - February 2

My ds is 10 months and he doesn't have any teeth! But surely it will happen any time now. However, I am not in a rush because I am still b___stfeeding:)


BriannasMummy - February 3

My dd was 3.5 months when she got her first teeth. There were no symptoms at all.. all of a sudden when she smiled she had teeth popping through. She showed no sign of pain at all. ~Kristin~



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