When Did Your LO S Drop To 1 Nap A Day

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ssmith - February 23

My dd will be 10 months in 4 days. She has 2 naps a day, usually an hour and a bit each. However, I have noticed that on occasion, she will nap for an hour and a half , almost 2 hrs in the morning....which really throws off her afternoon nap. Sometimes, if she has a long am nap, she won't have an afternoon nap at all. Sorry, I'm getting a bit wordy here!! Anyway, do you think she is getting ready to drop one of her naps? Should I be trying to keep her up a bit longer in the am so she'll have 1 good nap? Is it too early to be trying this? I don't know what to do....


Nerdy Girl - February 23

I have been going thru the same thing with my 15 month old for about 6 weeks now, so I don't know what to tell you. If he gets up really early in the morning, he still takes 2 naps. If he sleeps later, then just one nap. But if I let him nap too long in the morning, it throws of the afternoon nap to the point where sometimes he doesn't even take it. My older child dropped the morning nap very smoothly at 16 months.


melissa g. - February 23

me too!!!! My dd has always taken a long AM nap, and for those kids, according to all my sleep books, that makes the transition to one nap tricky -- most kids simply drop the shorter AM nap, are not too tired and then take one PM nap. Not my kid! So, when she gets up early, she takes an AM and a PM nap still (dd is 12 months). On days when I am able to push the nap more to midday, only one nap. Its all very confusing for me!


ashtynsmom - February 23

My dd is 13 mos and still takes 2 naps, but they are only 1 hr each.


ConnorsMommy - February 23

my ds dropped to 1 nap at 11mos.. with an occasional 2 naps... he's almost 14mos. now.. he wakes up at 7am, naps at 11:30am till 2:30pm and then bedtime at 7pm.


Ca__sie06 - February 23

DS is 6 1/2 months old and he is already down to 1 nap a day. However, he usually sleeps about 12 hours at night, so one good long nap during the day works out well for him!


LisaB - February 23

Augh this has been an issue for us also. My ds is 15 months and could go down to 1 nap but he takes that nap 3 hours after he wakes in the morning we can't keep him up any later so he is sleeping right thru lunch. Today he woke at 7:40 (later than the normal 7am) and went to sleep at 11 I just talkd to my dh and ds is still sleeping its been 2hrs 40 minutes. So chances of him taking a second nap are slim chances of him being a fuss fart later his pm high. I wish we could keep up up later but it doesn't happen. Some days he will take two naps some days only one sometimes he will nap at the sitters at like 4pm and wake at 6pm and still be ready to go to bed at 8 its crazy. I hope your transition goes smoother than ours!! BTW this has been going on probably 2-3 months now.


Erin1979 - February 23

My daughter stopped her morning naps at about 14 months. She gets up between 6-7am, naps from about 1-3 and goes to bed at about 8-8:30 pm. It was hard in the beginning, but we found if we let her nap in the AM, she would not go to bed until 11pm....too late!! It took about a month, but it is MUCH easier now!! Good luck!



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